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Weekly Events at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury

Located in the heart of West Tisbury, the historic Grange hall, built in 1859, has recently been restored and is the site for great events all season. Beginning in late June and continuing through September, stop by the Grange Hall for one of three weekly events: The Farmer’s Market, The Artisan’s Fair and the Antique Association Show. All events operate rain or shine and there is ample free parking. Dogs are allowed, but expected to be kept on a short leash.

The Farmer’s Market operates on the grounds of the Grange Hall on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am – noon. Local farmers from all over the island sell their freshest produce here and beautiful cut flowers are for sale everywhere. You can also get tasty homemade pestos and salsas or enjoy and fresh-squeezed lemon or limeade made for you right on the spot. Food is not all that’s available at the Farmer’s Market, sheep farmers also offer their wool yarns and products and the local Alpaca farm has a stand too – complete with friendly alpacas for you to pet. The long line you’ll see at the first stand is for egg rolls and believe it or not, they are worth the wait. The two options (cold roll or fried roll) are equally good – as are the spicy noodles and seaweed salads.

The Artisan’s Fair
on Thursdays and Sundays from 10 am – 2 pm features local artists from all over the island. Here you’ll find artists and craftspeople selling everything from their beautiful painted landscapes and ceramic plates and bowls to batik clothing to handmade brooms and gorgeous jewelry. Stalls are set up both outside on the grounds and inside the Grange Hall as well. Make sure to come back more than once as different artists feature their work at different times throughout the summer.

The Antique Association Show operates on Fridays from 9 am – 3 pm and is one of the most loved antique shows on the island. Here collectors and vendors come together to sell and buy some of the island’s remarkable antiques. Nautical items abound as do wicker and cane. You’ll find small household items like plates, cutlery and lamps and you’ll also find larger pieces such as desks, windows and chairs. Both the outside grounds and inside the hall are filled to the top with items for both the collector and the novice to enjoy. Make sure you stop and talk to the vendors as well. They are all very knowledgeable and you’re certain to learn not only historical facts about their wares but some great island history as well.

Village Spotlight: Oak Bluffs

Once known as “Cottage City”, Oak bluffs is a truly unique resort town on Martha’s Vineyard full of color and character to this day.

Located on the northeast shore of the island, Oak Bluffs offers an historical edge which includes The Flying Horses Carousel – the oldest operating platform carousel In the United States, The Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association in the heart of Oak Bluffs which showcases hundreds of painted Victorian “Gingerbread” cottages to be dazzled by, and of course the Tabernacle – the physical and spiritual center of the Campground which was built in 1879 by John W. Hoyt of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Home to the largest marina on the island, the finest golf course, beautiful public beaches, public parks and wildlife galore, Oak Bluffs is your destination of choice for trendy and artsy shopping.  See a movie, enjoy a night on the town with live entertainment and dancing (OB being one of the two “wet” towns on the island that serve alcohol), eat at one of the excellent restaurants or just take a walk down the thrilling Circuit Ave, the town’s main drag.

Several special events emphasize Oak Bluffs personality and take place annually:  Grand Illumination Night in the Campground cottages, the Monster Shark Tournament, and the August Fireman’s Association Fireworks.  At The Grand Illumination, residents of the Campground place ornate Chinese lanterns (some electric, some still lit with just a candle), around each Gingerbread Cottage. The lanterns remain dark until after dusk. At an appointed hour, people gather in the Tabernacle for a sing-along and community gathering. At the end all the lights go out and thousands of Chinese lanterns spring to life in a brilliant cascade of light throughout the campground. The celebration ends after visitors walk through the Campground enjoying the sights and sounds of an event taken straight from the turn of the century and brought to life every year in this quaint town of Oak Bluffs.

Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair: Reason 423 to Visit MV in August

One of the highlights of the summer on Martha’s Vineyard is the West Tisbury Agricultural Country Fair with Mid-Way sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society. Every August for four days (Thursday – Sunday), the fairgrounds host the classics at this real old-fashioned fair.

Kids and adults alike enjoy rides, games, shucking and fiddle contests, the skillet throw, horse pull, woodsmen competition, the fiber-arts tent and dog & livestock shows. There is no resisting the live music, puppet and dance shows…and, of course, the tournament of all tournaments – Cow Chip Bingo.

NOTE: Come to the fair hungry. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find: local restaurants have booths showcasing their best recipes, the MV Fire Departments grill hotdogs and burgers, local schools provide ice cream and there’s kettle corn, fresh lemonade and cotton candy galore.

The Ag Fair is just one of the many summer traditions on the island, making August a fantastic and event-filled time to visit Martha’s Vineyard.

Prices and dates for the annual Ag Fair can be found here.