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Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Style

What’s your style?

Your personal style is at the heart of the social media frenzy. Your decision to “like” something, someone, somewhere carries more weight now than ever before. Why not think about your vacation style the same way. How you define your vacation depends heavily on 3 factors: If you stay Connected, how Social you want to be and what you want to Access.

You can disconnect from technology and explore the island, with days of beach going, walking nature trails, kayaking and boating. Maybe tapping into that old vineyard charm out on Chappy or Up Island. Some of these homes have been providing safe harbor for visitors for decades and continue to please those who want to just get-away.


Revel in the hustle and bustle of summertime fun, enjoying the nightlife, dining, shopping and keeping your guests entertained. You can be right in the thick of it if you pick a Down Island In-town home. Picture fireworks from the widow’s walk, the kids spinning around at the flying horse’s, cocktails in the harbor at sunset.

Is your home your temple, or is it what you’re trying to get-away from! And what is it that you want to do? Martha’s Vineyard is a wonderful little place that can satisfy myriad vacation possibilities. The pace you desire for your vacation and how social you want to be can determine the when, where and what of your vacation.
If home is where the heart is, wouldn’t your vacation home be where the fun is? Some of us want nothing more than to leave the daily grind behind and land in another world, ripe for the picking. Others love what they’ve got and want to share these splendors with their nearest and dearest. When it comes to vacation style it’s personal. This blog series will explore how you get to the heart and soul of your vacation. Whichever way you have fun Martha’s Vineyard does not disappoint.



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Just this past week I received calls from two families that had thought they had their Martha’s Vineyard vacation home rentals secured with the first payment into the owner and a signed lease back from him via HomeAway.

They were able to work a particularly nice rate, in a great location and in a great house, last fall.  Come to find out, this house was already booked through our agency for their time frame and the owner’s account on HomeAway had been hacked.  The tenant had email communications with what they thought was the owner and paid the first payment via wire transfer to the “owner’s accountant” in Texas and received a bogus lease.  The real owner of the house was not aware of the security breach and there is no telling how many other families this may have happened to.  HomeAway, to date, is taking no responsibility for the breach and claims that it was the property owner’s email that was hacked into.  I feel an obligation to share this situation and hope that anyone utilizing these venues will have an awareness of the risk involved.

There has been a recent trend towards rentals by owners on a number of websites such as HomeAway, Flipkey and Cyberrentals, etc.  Many of these options have merged and grown as well.  This provides a tremendous ability to market and dominate the search engine optimization.   The vacation rental business has been around for many years here on Martha’s Vineyard.  We tend to think of ourselves as a small community and I’m sure there have been word of mouth rentals taking place since the beginning.

I’ve often wondered why a tenant would choose to do this work themselves, especially if they are not familiar with the island.  One may think they will save money by going direct or maybe feel they can work a deal.  I’m not sure that there is adequate risk awareness concerning many of these online transactions.

As a rental agent on the island, I take great pride in trying to match each of my tenant inquiries with the best rental possible.  Sandpiper Rentals provides professional service to our tenants and owners in an ethical manner.  We are members of the Board of REALTORS and have taken an oath to abide by the Code of Ethics.

I think I will add this situation to the list of why you should use a qualified agency for your vacation rental needs!

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