New General Store opens on Chappaquiddick

The Chappy Store

Chappy has just about everything you could ever want in an island off an island – sand, sun, and surf. Peace & quiet, good neighbors, a sweet community. But it was missing something (until a few weeks ago)…a great general store called The Chappy Store.

Patrie Grace and her daughters have changed all that. They’ve opened a general store that carries basic groceries with a whole food, organic presence. They’ve got homemade muffins, sandwiches, chipwiches (ice cream sandwiches) and drinks. And it’s not all food! The store also sells planters, wooden toys and sketch books and more. Dedicated to keeping it local, they’ll sell Morning Glory Farms just picked produce.

You can find The Chappy Store two miles from the On Time ferry on Chappaquiddick road. I asked Patrie to describe the store in her own words, “It’s just me and my girls…and a cute and cozy lil grocery store.”

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