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It’s The Most Fun and Exciting Time On Martha’s Vineyard!

Next week marks the busiest week on Martha’s Vineyard. With three main events happening, plus a presidential stay, don’t be surprised if traffic is a little hectic, or you find yourself standing next to a celebrity while waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop.


The week starts off with The Grand Illumination on Wednesday, August 14. Dating back to the turn of the 19th century this tradition takes place in the dreamlike gingerbread houses known as “the Campgrounds”. You’ll start the night off with the traditional sing along at seven in the Tabernacle. Sing along with hymns, folk songs, spirituals, rounds, and patriotic songs. Once the skies get dark, the oldest living member of the campgrounds is invited up on stage to light the first lanter. Suddenly you’ll find yourself surrounded by a technicolor world of homes lit up with lanterns strung from their porches, eaves, and balconies.

The next day, Thursday, August 14, marks the start of a favorite event for everyone. The 152nd annual Agricultural Society Fair, a 4 day event full of games, rides, competitions, concessions, concerts, and much more! For a full list of activities, CLICK HERE.

Last, but by no means least, is the August Fireworks display on Friday, August 15. Gather in and around Ocean Park for a truly jaw dropping, ear popping display of fireworks. This hour long display starts around 9:00 pm.


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Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair 2009

ferris wheel

Let’s me see…

  • Summer?…Check!
  • August?…Check!
  • Warm and steamy beach days?…Check!
  • The summer event we’ve all been waiting for?..Check!

It’s time for the Martha’s Vineyard annual Ag Fair! Beginning August 20th and running through the 23rd from 10am to 11pm (7pm on Sunday!), it’ll be non-stop fun. Here’s a smattering of what we all have to look forward to at the fairgrounds in West Tisbury!

  • Fair food – cotton candy, lemonade, fried dough and more!
  • A full assortment of amusement rides from Midway
  • Games and contests
  • Skillet toss and the horse pull
  • Woodsmen competition
  • Fiber-arts tent, photography and painting
  • Live Music!
  • Dog & livestock shows
  • Biggest and best local produce
  • Puppet shows and live dance performances
  • Local wares and goods
  • Workshops
  • Celebrity sightings (okay, I can’t promise this, but the Obama’s will be in town and the island is crawling with celeb families that truly love this old-time fair!

It’s 10 days away, but guess what? We do still have some last minute openings for August rentals if you decide on a last minute trip to the fair! Contact me for details, options and more information.

Hope to see you at the Ag fair! It’s a great place to be for kids, families, teens and beyond – there truly is something for everyone.

Image credit: OmarOmar

Top 8 Reasons NOT to Visit Martha’s Vineyard


It’s true, there are reasons that people avoid this incredible island. You ready?

8. Bumping into Jake Gyllenhal and David Letterman while you’re buying fresh peas at the Farmer’s Market in West Tisbury gets really old after awhile.

7. The ocean isn’t always blue, sometimes it’s this majestic shade of green.

6. You have to cross the ocean to get here, forcing you to really let go of life on the mainland.

5. The peace and quiet are deafening.

4. Vineyard locals and our commitment to living local, small family farms, protecting our environment and maintaining a close-knit community of nice people has a tendency to be contagious to visitors.

3. There’s more to do than just go to the beach. The Ag Fair, boutique shopping, summer camps and festivals have a habit of distracting people from their sunbathing.

2. Most of the island restaurants feature fresh caught fish and shellfish, not to mention island-grown veggies, so it’s nearly impossible to be unhealthy here.

And the number 1 reason NOT to visit Martha’s Vineyard…

1. You’ll never want to leave.