The Private Cooks and Chefs of Martha’s Vineyard

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I enjoy taking a break from cooking…and cleaning up the kitchen when the eating is done! But, part of the reason that you want to rent a house on Martha’s Vineyard, is so that you’ll have a kitchen and you won’t have to go out for every meal – as you would if you were staying in a hotel.

Private cooks and chefs are the answer and the Vineyard has some special chefs to offer. You can arrange for them to make a single meal or every meal for your entire stay – just for one, two or the whole family (and your friends). These women specialize in listening to your dietary needs and your taste bud desires!

Nisa Kontje Webster gets right to the heart of a true Vineyard meal. Born and raised on the island, she can turn anything into a gourmet meal and she’s a wonderfully calm and personable addition to any kitchen – you’ll hardly know she’s there and you won’t want her to leave! 508.566.0464

Elizabeth Germain is the slow food aficionado on the island focussing on foods made from scratch with original recipes – the antithesis to fast food (think McDonalds) with emphasis on local, organic and healing recipes. 617.5159279

Laura Silber specializes in coastal fusion pulling from many different coastal cultures uses all local ingredients but with Asian and French flairs. Clean and simple enough that you can eat it everyday.

Heather Gude

A little bit richer and a bit fancier than the rest, Heather’s fusion style has South American and Southeast Asian influences. 508.930.8519

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