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Martha’s Vineyard has long been a haven for artists and writers. The beauty and the magic of the place lend themselves to the romance of art and creativity, for sure.

And, I have a good friend here that is not only writing creatively from a cozy shack in the woods – she’s also running a successful business from that shack! Her name is Julie Roads and I encourage you to check out her blog for all things writing, blogging, marketing and social media – and hilarity.

But, I wanted to tell you about her because of what she represents for the island. She proves that:

  • You can follow your dreams and build whatever life you want to have because living here was Julie’s dream! And now it’s come true.
  • The Vineyard does not go away in the winter! We have a thriving population of 15,000 all winter long. Julie is one of them and she loves it here in the winter, just ask her. How cool to rent an off-season house to write that novel, eh?
  • You can make a living on the island without being a fisherman. That’s tongue and cheek, but seriously, with technology today, you can live virtually anywhere and run a full business. Julie has clients on the Vineyard, across the country and around the world. (and, fyi, many of our cafes have wireless!)

The other reason that I wanted to tell you about Julie is that she’s developed an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in following in her proverbial and literal footsteps. It’s called the One-on-One Intensive: How to become a Successful CopyWriter. If you’ve ever wanted to be your own boss, make your own hours, work from wherever and follow your dreams, check this out. And when you’re ready to test out island living, give me a call!

Become a Successful CopyWriter:  The 1 on 1 Intensive

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  1. So true Sandra! It is amazing how many people are now able to live on the island full time and have a rewarding career!

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