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Martha's Vineyard Vacation Rentals - Aquinnah

Our Aquinnah rentals, located in the town furthest up island town on the island, offer some of the most private, spectacular views and vistas. Aquinnah is the perfect retreat location to get balance back in your life. Aquinnah is the home of the Wampanoag tribal council, a recognized tribal government. The tribal lands include the awe inspiring Gay Head Cliffs where there are a number of shops, a restaurant, the Gay Head Light House and a path leading down to another of the Vineyard’s treasured beaches. The tribe also hosts a number of Pow Wows throughout the season. Other annual events include: The Car Rally, Cranberry Day and October Harvest Festival. 

Vacation rentals in Aquinnah provide a true get away. It gives you the opportunity to get truly unplugged and away. Keeping in mind that the closest market is about 6-7 miles away and full grocery about a 30-minute drive, one should make their plans for solitude at their Aquinnah rentals. Also nearby are stunning beaches and ancient walking trails for nature lovers to enjoy. Once there, many will attest to feeling like a free spirit with the wind in your ears along Moshup’s Trail at sunset. Contact us if you have questions about any of the Aquinnah rentals on our site.

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