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Martha's Vineyard Vacation Rentals - West Tisbury

Our Vineyard Haven rentals, a village located in the center of Tisbury are the perfect vacation destinations. The village has an extraordinarily deep maritime tradition. This was one of early New England's busiest ports. Coastwise shipping passed through the Vineyard Sound and the boats docked here. Sailors from around the world knew Martha's Vineyard through the Seaman's Bethel here. First called Holmes Hole, the town only had three families in 1700. Just eighty years later, it had twenty-one inns, servicing visitors in the same way that many of the inns and hotels do now. The town was almost totally destroyed by fire in 1883, and the stores and homes along Main Street in the downtown area date since that time.

Today, there are a number of great attractions and activities not far from your Vineyard Haven rentals to enjoy. Become one with nature and visit the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, home to more than 100 species of birds.  Choose from a variety of guided tours, included boat tours, to learn more about Vineyard Haven and the surrounding areas. Stroll the downtown streets, visiting the many shops, galleries, and restaurants available. There is never a shortage of things to do around your Vineyard Haven rentals. 

Our West Tisbury rentals provide visitors the opportunity to really get away from it all, with 33.6 square miles. West Tisbury is Martha's Vineyard's traditional farming community and offers beautiful landscapes and fun attractions. The porch at Alley's General Store, in the heart of the village, is the place to watch the day go by. Pick up a copy of the Broadside, for "one thin dime", and find out what the locals are talking about – the single sheet, front-and-back paper is a distinctive blend of news and speculation, and is put out by a West Tisbury couple who seem to know and hear everything.

All of the Vineyard takes its flora and fauna seriously, but never more so than with West Tisbury vacation rentals, where the trees that canopy the roads have a special protected status. The Island's leading conservation groups all have properties within the town boundaries where visitors can take easy, peaceful walks of varying durations.

The combination of community, farmland, ocean beaches (hidden from view down sometimes impassable dirt roads that feel a little like washboards to drive) and hundreds of sheep and cows have inspired artists for years. West Tisbury is home to a number of Vineyard artists, and some of them have galleries – marked by roadside signs – in their homes. Watch for the big OPEN signs, usually hung under a piece of their work. Two more formal galleries are visitor favorites. The Field Gallery, across from Alley's, has big white dancing statues of women by Vineyard artist Tom Maley on its lawn. The Granary Gallery at the Red Barn, on Old County Road, has memorable displays of photographs by summer resident Alfred Eisenstadt, and many paintings and sculptures. Frequent artists openings at them are big events in a little town.

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