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Rental Process

Our local agents work with you to ensure a perfect match for a Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental. Taking into consideration your preference in town, your required amenities, and budget, your agent will narrow the selection of 600+ homes to the one meant to make your summer memorable.

1. Email or call our expert vacation rental agents. Your agent will take into consideration your family's needs for an ideal home.

2. The agent will then search through their listings and send you pictures (via email) of several choices that best match your criteria.

3. You will choose the two or three houses you like best and your agent can weigh the pros and cons based on what your preferences are. If you've found "the one" skip this step, and let's get you booked!

4. Once you’ve made your decision, the agent will confirm the rental and availability with the owner and create a lease for you to sign.

5. You will send the signed lease and the required deposit back to the agent and your house will be ready for you when you arrive on the Vineyard. 

Have a great vacation and contact us if you have any questions!