Autumn on Martha’s Vineyard

The Vineyard is absolutely a summer destination – with 21 beaches to enjoy, countless ponds, clam shack, ice cream, and on and on. But September and October are truly special months to be on island.

  1. Warm Days, Cool Nights. And the humidity is gone. Some days are still prime for the beach, reaching up into the 80’s, but it’s different because you know it won’t be a scorcher, just a warmer. It’s perfect sleeping weather.
  2. Crowds? What Crowds? Of course there are still people here (lest we forget the 15,000 of us that live here year ‘round), but the traffic is thinned, the beaches aren’t packed, the restaurants are accessible, the harbors are more spacious…
  3. Sales! That’s right, the summer stocks must go. Many of the stores on the island have sales on clothes, housewares and other goodies up to 75% off. Also, you can get first looks at the fall lines – though these are decidedly not on sale!
  4. Views of Nature. We experience all 4 seasons on this island. Every view changes – daily, almost hourly, but certainly seasonally. Different flowers bloom, leaves change colors, the huckleberry bushes turn a deep purple (like the branches are pooling their purpleness for next summer’s berries), the water is a different shade of blue-green as the light changes in the sky.
  5. Events. The Wine and Food Festival, the Fall Harvest Festival, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival and on and on…things are still hoping on this island!
  6. Rental rates are down. After August, house rental rates decrease dramatically. It’s a great time to find your own little corner of the island.

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