Picnic on the beach, anyone?


Around the middle of February, us Vineyarders start to get a little antsy. We’re ready for the sunshine, the sand in between our toes…and all of you.

So, I’m giving in to my antsiness and I’m planning for summer – big time! And, lo and behold, my planning includes beach picnics!

I’m giving away Lunch for Four – cooked by the delectable Dee Smith, the Phantom Chef from Tea Lane Caterers. When you book your Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental with me, we’ll set up the delivery of your lunch: fried chicken, salad, cole slaw, corn bread and cookies!

It’s the perfect summer spread from one of the island’s best caterers. Dee always cooks from scratch and prides herself on using goods from the Vineyard’s bountiful gardens.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you this summer!

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