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Moshup Beach Should Not Be Missed

Moshup BeachMartha’s Vineyard is a favorite getaway destination for a number of reasons. The great atmosphere and the large variety of activities make the Vineyard a truly special place to spend time. Our pristine and picturesque beaches are also among the top reasons that this is the perfect summer getaway spot. There is nothing better than spending the day stretched out on the sand or enjoying the surf on a Martha’s Vineyard beach. Often overlooked by tourists, we think that Moshup Beach is among the best on the island for several reasons. If you want a serene, secluded, and more private beach going experience then you should head over to Moshup Beach to relax and maybe soak up some sun.

About Moshup Beach

Also known as Aquinnah Public Beach, Moshup Beach is a true gem for many reasons.  It is a great spot for beach lovers, natural history enthusiasts, and those interested in general sightseeing. The beauty of Moshup Beach is increased by the backdrop of the Aquinnah Cliffs, a remnant of ages ago when this part of the world was still being formed. The striated clay cliffs will make an impact on you even if you’re not into geology. Another reason that Moshup Beach is a wonderful place to visit is its seclusion. Since it is near Aquinnah, it is a bit more isolated than some of the other beaches on Martha’s Vineyard.  So if solitude is what you crave, you can’t go wrong with Moshup Beach. The beach can be accessed from the public boardwalk for the beach. If you park in one of the designated pay lots, you can take the trail down to the beach, which is a pleasant hike. There is no fee to use the beach,  just to park.

Things to Do at Moshup Beach

Beachgoers at Moshup Beach have quite a few activities to choose from during their time on the beach. The waters can be a bit chilly, but on a warm summer day, going for a dip can be delightfully refreshing. Or, you may be someone who just enjoys sitting out in the sun with a book.  Moshup Beach is perfect for that as well. Walking the beach and taking in the beauty of the surroundings is another popular past times. As long as you don’t take anything from the beach, beach combing and exploring are also worthwhile endeavors.

Staying Near Moshup Beach

When you’re planning your visit to Moshup Beach, make sure you also arrange for the best vacation rental accommodations on Martha’s Vineyard. Sandpiper Rentals has a number of beautiful rental properties in Aquinnah that are convenient to Moshup Beach. Whether you’re bringing the whole family or just a few people, our rentals can accommodate parties of many sizes. The Aquinnah rentals provide you with a personal haven for your time on Martha’s Vineyard because they’re removed from the busy parts of the island and give you a true sense of solitude.  And because they’re Sandpiper Rentals properties, you can be sure that the accommodations are top notch! We can’t wait to see you on the island soon!

Photo: Camille King on flickr via Creative Commons