Top Five Reason’s Why Renting a Home is Better than Staying at a Hotel

5.Pets: As a rental agent and pet owner, I understand how hard it is to go on vacation and leave behind the four legged member of your family. In some cases, landlords will allow you to bring your pet with you.  Although, a pet security deposit and extra cleaning fee are usually required, you will be able to have all family members with you during your Martha’s Vineyard vacation!


4. Solitude : Enjoy a cup of coffee on your front porch, a backyard barbecue or just curling up with a book in the living room. Renting a vacation home allows you and your family the privacy that is needed to enjoy your vacation.  Staying in a home allows you to truly escape, relax and get away from it all….


3.Space-: A home that will fit your family and friends is another great perk of renting. Instead of limiting yourself to a hotel room your family will embrace the fact that they have rooms to relax in and your kids will have the ability to “escape” their siblings. When staying in a vacation home you are able to enjoy peace and freedom while having the ability to invite family and friends to help join you in creating countless Vineyard memories!


2.Home Away from Home: Cooking your own lobsters, enjoying an outdoor shower and even being able to do a load of laundry is something that you will have the freedom to do in your rental home. What better way to fully enjoy your Vineyard vacation than by having all the luxuries that you left at home right at your fingertips. Offering homes in all six towns and on Chappaquiddick you are able to choose what area of the island you want to call “home”.  Staying in one of our properties allows you to feel completely at home, which will just add to your whole Martha’s Vineyard experience.


1. Cost Effective The most obvious reason to rent one of our homes is that it is more cost effective than staying at one of the many fabulous hotels, inns or bed and breakfast’s located around the Island. By choosing a home that fits into your budget you are able to enjoy all the freedoms and comforts of staying in a home!

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