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west chop lighthouse
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There are many sights to see when you come to Martha’s Vineyard. The island’s lighthouses are always popular sightseeing destinations. One of the lighthouses that you should make time to see is West Chop Lighthouse. This landmark is in the town of Tisbury near Vineyard Haven. West Chop Lighthouse needs to be on your list of things to see when you visit Martha’s Vineyard.

About West Chop Lighthouse

West Chop Lighthouse, or West Chop Light Station was established in 1817. Along with East Chop Lighthouse, it marks the entrance to the harbor at Vineyard Haven. Chop is a term that is used to not the entrance to a channel. West Chop is just a couple of miles away from the village of Vineyard Haven. The first rubblestone lighthouse was 25 feet tall. The lighthouse and the accompanying dwelling were built in 1817. Because of beach erosion, the light was moved in 1830 and again in 1846.  Today the tower is made of brick and measures 45 feet tall. The present tower and it’s dwelling were built in 1891.

Where to Go to View West Chop Lighthouse

While West Chop Lighthouse is closed to the public, there are still ways to see it. If you go to West Chop Rd. you can view the light from the street. Another great way to see West Chop Lighthouse is by water. If you take a ferry or boat ride in Vineyard Haven Harbor, you can view the lighthouse on the shore. There are a number of boat tours out of Vineyard Haven, including sailing tours on Witch of Endor Sailing Charters. There is no better way to spend the day than to go out on the water, enjoying the sea breeze and gentle movement of the ocean as you view the island’s landmarks on shore.  It’s a truly special Martha’s Vineyard experience that you don’t want to miss out.

Other Activities Near West Chop Lighthouse

When you’re going to view West Chop Lighthouse you should take advantage of being near Vineyard Haven. There are a number of activities to take part in in Vineyard Haven. Martha’s Vineyard Film Center is in Vineyard Haven and you won’t find a better place on the island to see great films. Also nearby is Tisbury Town Beach, which is ideal for a relaxing stroll as you take in the beautiful views of the harbor.  Or take a tour of the island with Martha’s Vineyard Tours and Excursions, which is based out of Vineyard Haven.

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