What Would Make Your Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rental Even More Perfect?


You’ve been traveling all night to catch the early morning ferry that you were so lucky to get…but now what? You have a car full of kids and just want to get settled in your Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental home. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well….here’s the thing. The family that was in the house before you is spending the morning cleaning up and packing, and then the cleaners come in and do their thing – so really…that 2:00 check-in is there for a really good reason. And we just can’t make an early check-in happen.

Also, in case you’re new to the vacation rental world, you’ve picked a very specific house to spend your vacation in – so we don’t work like a hotel, where we’d have the flexibility to put you in the first room available. You’re waiting for your special house!

So, let’s get back to you – you’re still in your car with your entire family! And, even though we can’t check you in early, I’d love to help you with that ‘open time.’

I’d like to hear from you…actually all of us at Sandpiper Rentals would, so tell us:

  • Is a hospitality booth on the beach something you would use and appreciate?
  • Would you go to the beach with the car packed to the gills, get salty and sandy before you’ve gotten settled into your house?
  • How about a gift certificate to the ice cream store?
  • Usually, you come to our rental office for directions to your house, the key and a welcome packet. Is there anything else that would be helpful?

Let us hear from you! You can either leave a comment below or email me directly!

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7 thoughts on “What Would Make Your Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rental Even More Perfect?”

  1. If it were me I would want to know of a restaurant that was good for a family with kids to go hang out in for a nice breakfast or lunch, then maybe tell me were would be a good place to go kill time. Tell me were the market is so we can do our grocery shopping. Is there a grocery list of things we will need to buy for the house. For example, are there condiments there? Coffee? Salt? etc.

  2. We were in this situation a few years ago on the Cape. I would love a cold drink after a long car ride, a hammock to stretch out in, maybe a place for the kids to run. Access to ice cream would score big hits with my kids.

  3. I’m sure my toddler would be crazy from the cooped up car-ride so I’d like to take a nice stroll on the beach before we found a family-friendly restaurant for lunch. I agree with Barbara that directions to the market and local “must-sees” could help kill the time.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I am already starting to put together a packet with all of this information! Looking forward to assisting my customers to the best of my ability!

  5. First, I LOVE the idea of a a place where you can get changed to take advantage of the beach or sites while waiting for the house. Second, I love that you are asking! Definitely gonna retweet this to see what others think!

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