Discover Chappaquiddick

Chappaquiddick Island is one of the most beautiful and remote areas of Martha’s Vineyard. The name Chappaquiddick originates from an Indian word “cheppiaquidne” which means “Separate Island.”  Accessible only by ferry, Chappaquiddick is a quick journey across Edgartown Harbor and well worth the trip!

The One Time Ferry, which runs all year long, is the only way cars can access the Island.  The ferry provides transportation for pedestrians and bicyclists as well. On a sunny August day do not be surprised to see long lines of beachgoers who have already caught on to the beautiful beaches located on Chappaquiddick!

The colorful cabanas at the privately owned Chappaquiddick beach club will greet you when you first get off the ferry.

The Trustee’s of the Reservation run the majority of the beaches located on Chappaquiddick.  You will have to pay a fee to enjoy these beaches, but trust me it is well worth it! Wasque Point is a great place to enjoy ponds, the ocean and Katama Bay.

Mytoi, a Japanese garden located on Chappaquiddick is another highlight of the island.  It’s a great place for reflection and mediation. Set among beautiful trees, bushes, and flowers it offers a totally unique experience. Also run by the Trustee’s this garden is free to enjoy.

Chappaquiddick is definitely a place to explore during your stay on Martha’s Vineyard. There are many vacation homes also located on Chappaquiddick that provide you with the same amenities as other vacation homes located on Martha’s Vineyard If your looking to experience a true “getaway” Chappaquiddick may be just what your looking for!

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