Don’t Miss a Visit to the Edgartown Movie Theatre

Edgartown Movie TheatreThe Vineyard is the perfect place to relax and enjoy life.  While you’re here, come check out the Edgartown Movie Theatre.  This quaint and comfortable theater offers charm and character, all while serving up Hollywood’s latest and greatest movie productions.  The theater is housed in traditional Martha’s Vineyard fashion: a white, wooden storefront right on Main Street in downtown Edgartown.  The inside is equally understated and beautiful, with wooden ceilings, old-fashioned theater seating, and even an open porch on the top floor with tables and chairs.

In short, you won’t find many theaters like this one!  If you’re heading to Martha’s Vineyard, you can check the theater listings courtesy of the Vineyard Gazette.  Don’t miss out on a first-run movie in this charming setting.

Before Your Trip to the Edgartown Movie Theatre

You can’t spend the full day at the theater.  Well, you could, I suppose — but if you’re on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, you’ll probably want to do what everyone wants to do: create lasting memories and eat delicious food.  Well, good news: you can do both without ever leaving Edgartown.

Edgartown is home to the beautiful Edgartown Lighthouse.  The lighthouse, first built on a manmade island in 1828, guards Edgartown’s picturesque harbor.  It’s one of five lighthouses which, historically, has protected ships traversing Martha’s Vineyard’s treacherous waters.  All five lighthouses (Edgartown, East Chop, West Chop, Gay Head, and Cape Poge) stand on the north side of the island.

The Edgartown Lighthouse stands  just off of North Water Street. The Martha’s Vineyard Museum maintains the lighthouse, and offers tours late June through early September.  They haven’t released their 2016 calendar yet, but you can use the following link to view their 2015 tour calendar and use it as a reference.

After your short hike to and from the lighthouse, head out for a delicious meal at one of Edgartown’s fine dining establishments.  We highly recommend Alchemy: a bistro and bar located on Main Street in downtown Edgartown.  Their menu features a wide variety of items, including seafood straight out of the Atlantic, beef dishes, and chicken dishes.  They’re also legendary for their wine selection and cocktails.  Cape Cod Life gave their wine selection a silver medal, while Martha’s Vineyard magazine deemed their cocktails the best on Martha’s Vineyard!

So, if you’re feeling hungry, check out Alchemy for great food, great wine, and (as voted by readers!) Martha’s Vineyard’s finest cocktails.  If the weather’s nice, you can even sit on the back patio and enjoy the fresh sea air.

Everything mentioned in this post adds up to a wonderful afternoon: a walk to the elegant Edgartown Lighthouse, a return to town to enjoy delectable food and drink, and a relaxing movie at the charming Edgartown Movie Theatre.

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