Finding things to do on Martha’s Vineyard


Sometimes Martha’s Vineyard is a seemingly sleepey island – where you can laze your days away at the beach…all true. But, there is so much happening here – all year round, but especially in the summer.

Seriously, it can be overwhelming at times – but in a good way.

Here are a few tried and true ways for enjoying your trip to the Vineyard and making the most of all we have to offer!

  • Check the local papers. Every Thursday, the Martha’s Vineyard Times (which is free!) has a full calendar section. Not only does it list ongoing events, but also new going-ons, the movie section, what live music is being played where and more.
  • We do have a nice little blogosphere! If you do some searching online, you’ll be able to locate cool events. Try, and do some google searches as well.
  • Martha’s Vineyard is pretty old fashioned. So, I highly recommend that you read the fliers posted at grocery stores, on shop windows, at the beach…and wherever else you happen to be! Word of mouth is also a great tool – just ask folks what’s going on, they’ll be sure to tell your their favorites!
  • And tune in here or send me an email…I want your time on MV to be fantastic!

Image courtesy of BART

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