Is Obama Coming to Martha’s Vineyard or Not?


There is so much speculation surrounding President Obama’s summer plans. Will he come to Martha’s Vineyard? Will Michelle, Malia and Sasha spend a month here and will the girls go to camp? Will they stay in Edgartown or on East Chop? Is Washington saying ‘no’ because they’re trying to keep it a secret? Or because he really isn’t coming! Soooo many questions!

When President Clinton and his family visited our island there were a lot of benefits for our community:

  • We saw a rise in travel to the island
  • This included tourists but also the security and press that follow the Pres…
  • Which led to increased sales for our local economy
  • It created a wonderful rejuvenation for the Island
  • By putting us ‘on the map’ and in the forefront of people’s minds.

So, will Obama hop on the ferry? That remains to be seen, but it sure would be great for Martha’s Vineyard if he decides to come see us.

One thought on “Is Obama Coming to Martha’s Vineyard or Not?”

  1. Obama groupies are everywhere! We just came back from a visit to Washington, D.C. where the girls next door made it onto the pages of the Washington Post, just because they were part of the Obama Girls Watch frenzy. And, we weren’t immune. My kids spent the entire visit to the White House Easter Egg Roll desperately searching for any sign of the First Family.

    You will definitely feel the buzz if they visit the Vineyard!

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