January brings thoughts of summer on the Vineyard and beyond

January, for those of us either on the Vineyard or biding our time until we can get here, means one thing: getting our summer vacation plans in order and booked. Seriously, the excitement of the Steamship Authority opening their summer vehicle reservation lines is enough to blast any post-holiday blues clear away.

There are two things that folks who plan to rent a vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard need to do in January:
1. Book your ferry tickets. The Steamship Authority tickets for vehicle passage go on sale January 20th. And they go fast. In no time at all, you’re looking at long standby lines – especially in July and August. Though, I must admit, for some people this is part of the adventure! Remember there are no longer stand by spots available from Friday to Monday during the summer.
2. Find the house you want. We’re starting to book rather quickly now! I’ll tell you that every year, August is booked solid in no time. You’ll have a little more leeway in July. With the Ag Fair, the Oak Bluffs fireworks and concert and the weather – August goes fast. But July is also divine – and so are June and September! Also, because August is such a popular month for rentals, weekly rates are often lower in July – and absolutely lower in June and September.

For the other essentials, like linen rentals, bike rentals, dinner reservations…you’ve got plenty of time – and I’ll be sure to blog you a reminder this spring when it’s time to take care of more summer prep business!

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