Let Sanpdiper Rentals Be Your Eyes…


It may be a little overwhelming when you are a first time renter looking for your perfect vacation home.  Between the ferry reservations and packing a weeks worth of beach snacks for the kids, the last thing you want to be worrying about is walking into your vacation home and being disappointed.

In many cases, especially if you’re a first time visitor, you are renting a home that you have never seen before. Of course you can look at pictures and the list of amenities online but you are never really quite sure what to expect.

http://piper.sandpiperrental.com/houses/2021/? That is why Sandpiper Rentals , Inc. takes special care in making sure that none  of our clients are left in the dark when it comes to renting one of our homes.   All of our agents will not rent a home unless they have seen it first hand  This is just one of the policies Sandpiper Rentals, Inc. has in place to help  make sure all of our tenants feel comfortable that they have rented the  perfect vacation home.


By offering a first hand description we are able to help place you in the perfect vacation home. So whether you are searching for a home offering classic Vineyard charm or a more contemporary escape, our agents will not leave you in the dark! It is our commitment to our owners and our tenants to help provide you with an unforgettable experience!


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