Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rental: Aquinnah Beach House

aquinnah cliffs

One of the many things that makes Aquinnah so special is the drive. There is no instant gratification, let me put it that way. Unless you count the drive itself. Aquinnah rests at the most westernly point on Martha’s Vineyard, asking visitors to drive all the way across the island  to get there. Depending on where you start, you’ll get to see bustling towns, state forest, pastures, woodlands and shorelines on your way.

aquinnah house

This quintessential Aquinnah beach house has everything you need for the perfect visit to this ancient, native, quiet tip of the island. The most noticeable is the Second floor viewing post. Most Aquinnah houses boast a second story balcony or deck allowing its inhabitants to see over the trees and right to the beach and this house is no exception – it actually has two off the bedrooms. The sunsets in Aquinnah are legendary as the colors bounce off the cliffs. And this house also features a large back deck for extra viewing.


Dog Fish Bar Beach is 100 yards from the house – making it perfect for playing, swimming, surfing, strolling and sunbathing whenever you want. You don’t have to pack the cooler for this trip to the surf, unless you really, really just want to lay down in the sand and not move all day!


The house is almost as beautiful as its outside setting – but nothing’s that gorgeous! Wood furniture and trim throughout are compliemented by huge windows letting in sun and ocean air. The dining room table is long and strong – ready for all of the lobsters, local tomatoes & corn on the cob and pie you care to load on top!


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Aquinnah Cliffs image credit: Anneh632

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