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First Time Vacation Renters on Martha’s Vineyard


Finding your perfect vacation rental property on Martha’s Vineyard may seem like a daunting task if you have never been to the island before.  Even though we are considered a small island, we have five towns with some very different flavors to each.  There are also many different booking opportunities out there for vacation rentals.  There may be something to be said for being able to go online and book your house in a few easy steps but it is important to have confidence in the services available upon arrival to the house.  We, at Sandpiper Rentals, are proud of the fact that we are here and available should there be an issue at the house or questions to be answered upon arrival.

Our agents are familiar with all of the houses in our inventory and truly love what they do.  They take great pride in matching a family with the right vacation home as that is often the vehicle for a fantastic time on the island and creates memories for a lifetime.   The best way to determine the perfect vacation rental is to have discussions regarding what you and your family would like to do while you are here.  Do you enjoy eating out regularly or would you prefer cooking in?  Is a state of the art kitchen important to you?  Would you prefer an “old Vineyard” style home in the woods with great walking paths or bike paths nearby?  How important is beach access and its proximity?  Do you want to be able to walk into town?  Knowing your family’s needs allows us to introduce you to the perfect rental option creating the perfect stepping stone to the perfect Martha’s Vineyard vacation.


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The Gay Head Lighthouse, An Iconic Piece of Martha’s Vineyard History, Is In Danger

Perched on top of the famous clay cliffs in Aquinnah, the Gay Head Lighthouse is in danger of toppling into the sea below if it isn’t moved back within the next year and a half. In a race against time, locals are frantically trying to accumulate the funds to get this historic icon moved to a yet to be decided location.

So why the urgency? To move the Gay Head Lighthouse safely, there needs to be a 30′ circumference around the lighthouse to accommodate the heavy impact of the moving vehicles and machinery. Currently there is only 47′, and that is swifty eroding, according to a geological and engineering study performed 2012.

In order to move the 400 ton beacon the town of Aquinnah is applying for ownership from the US Coast Guard, and scrambling to raise over $3,000,000 for the project. The Save Gay Head Lighthouse Advisory Committee is well underway, hoping to raise 2/3 of the funding from private sources, and 1/3 from public events, as well as public and private grants. They hope to be able to move the Gay Head Lighthouse in late fall of 2014 to one of three spots. The final location will be chosen based on geological factors, and many other factors. If everything goes to plan the actual move should take about 1-2 weeks.


In 1796, thanks in large part to the whaling and shipping industries, Massachusetts State Senator, Peleg Coffin, put in a request to Congress to have a lighthouse installed on Martha’s Vineyard overlooking what is known as “Devils Bridge”, a shallow dangerous passage in the Vineyard Sound. By 1799 the Gay Head Lighthouse was constructed and helped many a sailor on their voyage. Just a short 45 years later, the lighthouse had to be moved back 75’. John Mayhew of Edgartown was in charge of the move, and the total cost at time was $396.75.


Due to weather and erosion, the original octagonal shaped building had to be replaced in 1885, to what is now the iconic brick building we know and love today. At that time, Gay Head was listed as the 9th most important lighthouse in our country. Because of this, and the timing of needing to be replaced it was the first United States lighthouse to receive a Fresnel lens, making the light the most visually powerful lighthouse yet.

In order to differentiate itself from the area’s two other light houses – one at Sankaty Head, and the other at Montauk Point- the Gay Head Lighthouse changed from flashing white to flashing three whites and a red in 1874.

Things remained relatively the same for many years with the lighthouse until 1954. With electricity starting to replace kerosene in the early half of the 20th century, it was only a matter of time until our beloved lighthouse was converted to an electric lamp.

Now we are at the end of a fabulous chapter of history for this iconic lighthouse. Within the next couple of months we will be turning the page to a new era of history for The Gay Head Lighthouse; one that hopefully will last another century.

To help save The Gay Head Lighthouse, please visit www.gayheadlight.org

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A Quick Guide To Boating On Martha’s Vineyard


 “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” – E.E. Cummings

With the weather finally turning towards the better, it seems like more and more boats are slowly trickling into the harbors. People are prepping for the season, and I can’t wait to get my boat ready as well. Boating is a large part of the lifestyle here on Martha’s Vineyard, and luckily you don’t have to know someone in order to take advantage of that. There are so many different programs & businesses on Martha’s Vineyard, that finding a way to get out on the water is a breeze.

If you’re looking for some excitement on the high seas, sport fishing is the way to go. We recommend Smokin Eel Charters, or Larry’s Tackle Shop Charters. These two Captains have been fishing these waters for 30+ years, and know the island’s best fishing spots.

If you’re looking for a family day out on the water sailing, call the people over on the schooner Ishmael at 617-355-8610.

Would you like your children to learn how to sail? Check out Sail MV. They have an amazing sailing program for sailors at every level of sailing.


If you are looking for something else out on the water, please give us a call. With so many connections throughout the Island, we can help make your summer dreams a reality.


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