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All of the Things We Love About Vineyard Haven, MA

VinVineyard Haveneyard Haven, MA is a must-see for all Martha’s Vineyard visitors.  This small, waterfront town (population: just a shade over 2,000) boasts a picturesque harbor, excellent shopping, and fine dining, all in an area comprising just over 1.5 square miles.  Bring the family (or a significant other) and enjoy an afternoon in this beautiful hamlet.

What We Love About Vineyard Haven

Tranquility – it’s something many people experience far too rarely.  Their busy schedules require constant scampering here and there, day after day.  In Vineyard Haven, those same people can simply be.  Sit harborside and watch ferries arriving and departing.  Wander the quiet streets, absorbing the history emanating from the 17th and 18th century buildings dotting the townscape.  Explore the shops.  Eat at one of the local restaurants.  Above all, just relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, located south of Vineyard Haven, protects Martha’s Vineyard’s wildlife and habitat, along with its spectacular views.  Visitors to the sanctuary may enjoy guided group tours, either by foot or kayak, learning about the area’s flora and fauna.  Have kids?  Bring them along!  The sanctuary hosts a variety of fun, child-friendly activities, such as Nature Bingo and a Mass Audubon Quest.  Don’t miss out on an adventure through this magnificent slice of Vineyard Haven!

Plenty of places (including Vineyard Haven) contain historical homes and buildings.  Few, however, possess an authentic 19th-century carousel.  Flying Horses, located in nearby Oak Bluffs (east of Vineyard Haven), boasts America’s oldest platform carousel.  Swing by this National Historic Landmark and, for only $1.50, take a ride on a century-old steed.

During the warmer months, Vineyard Haven visitors love swimming at Lake Tashmoo Town Beach.  The beach has two sides: the ocean side and the lake side.  Swimmers wishing to experience warmer and calmer waters should visit the lake side.  Would-be swimmers also have the option of dipping their toes in Tisbury’s Waterworks Park.

Vineyard Haven visitors shouldn’t miss the West Chop Lighthouse.  This 45-foot tall lighthouse, situated along the entrance to Vineyard Haven Harbor, is closed to the public.  Visitors, however, may take pictures of the elegant structure set against the beautiful harbor backdrop.

If, by chance, the weather isn’t great (or you’re simply wandering through town), check out some of the shops in downtown Vineyard Haven.  Photography lovers will enjoy visiting Seaworthy Gallery: a small gallery featuring Jeff Serusa’s stunning photography.  Most of his works have a maritime theme, ranging from the harbor, to boats and ships, to lighthouses.  The gallery also offers a variety of historical New England nautical charts available for purchase.

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Image source: Bob P.B. / Flickr

A Quick Guide To Boating On Martha’s Vineyard


 “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” – E.E. Cummings

With the weather finally turning towards the better, it seems like more and more boats are slowly trickling into the harbors. People are prepping for the season, and I can’t wait to get my boat ready as well. Boating is a large part of the lifestyle here on Martha’s Vineyard, and luckily you don’t have to know someone in order to take advantage of that. There are so many different programs & businesses on Martha’s Vineyard, that finding a way to get out on the water is a breeze.

If you’re looking for some excitement on the high seas, sport fishing is the way to go. We recommend Smokin Eel Charters, or Larry’s Tackle Shop Charters. These two Captains have been fishing these waters for 30+ years, and know the island’s best fishing spots.

If you’re looking for a family day out on the water sailing, call the people over on the schooner Ishmael at 617-355-8610.

Would you like your children to learn how to sail? Check out Sail MV. They have an amazing sailing program for sailors at every level of sailing.


If you are looking for something else out on the water, please give us a call. With so many connections throughout the Island, we can help make your summer dreams a reality.


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Inexpensive And Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

A popular trend here on Martha’s Vineyard is to have a comfortable, yet functional outdoor living space. There’s nothing better than having family and friends together for food and quality time from spring all the way into fall. Here are some astonishingly easy ideas to bring new life into your outdoor living space.

Mason Jar Votives

1) Mason Jar Votives

This simple update will bring a serene feeling to your outdoor space. All you need is 3 Mason Jars, thick twine, sand from the beach, and your favorite votive candles.

1)Fill the mason jars with sand at varying levels. this will give the candles different heights.
2) Next wrap the top of the mason jar twice with the twine, tying it off in a simple bow.
3) Finally place the votice candles in the sand and arrange them to your liking on your outdoor table.


Foundation decoration

2) Hide Your Boring Foundation

Tired of looking at that brick or concrete slab at the base of your house? Head to your favorite home improvement store and pick up your favorite faux stone siding, and install it along your foundation. This subtle change will make a huge difference. 





Outdoor dog bowl ideas

3) Easily Made Fancy Dog Bowls


Style doesn’t just have to be for humans. Head to the Home Goods and pick up some inexpensive planters, and some dog bowls. Once home, place the in a spot next to either a garden or a statue, just make sure they blend in within your design motif. Once the planters are situated place the dog bowls within the planters. This way fido has a source of water that is discrete and decorative.



Solar Chandilier

4) Make Your Own Cordless Outdoor Chandelier

There’s something fun and romantic about having a chandelier outside. This Chandelier is perfect for hanging over a table outside. You don’t even need a power cord.

Find an old chandelier you’re fond of at a thrift or antique store, take out the bulbs, and replace them with outdoor solar lights, then hang it from your favorite spot or tree, and enjoy! 




These quick subtle changes will make a world of difference to your outdoor space. Adding lighting that will illuminate the outdoor living space during the evening will extend the use of your outdoor space well past sunset. And hiding the foundation will create a more appealing look to your outdoor space, as well as improve the resale value should you ever choose to sell. For a property enrichment evaluation, please feel free to contact us. Sandpiper would love to help take your home to the next level in vacation rentals.

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