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Ferry Tickets Sold Out


If you missed our blog post about vacation rentals that come with ferry tickets, this is a HUGE reminder. If you’re trying to travel during the peak season, especially August, you may find that the dates you’d like to travel are completely,  unequivocally,  comprehensively SOLD OUT.

Now, don’t panic! We have over 30 beautiful vacation rentals with very thoughtful owners. Many are a part of Steamship Authority‘s Head Start program where they can make summer reservations before the general public. The owners know that there are experienced renters that wait with bated breath for the moment it turns 12AM January 13th to book their ferry tickets. These owners have done the work for you. They have transferable round trip ferry tickets that you can use when you book with them.

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Search the complete list: Rentals with Ferry Tickets

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#WednesdayWondering: HGTV Dream Home Countdown


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HGTV DREAM HOMEBy now, the buzz has been generating all over the island about the HGTV Dream Home Contest. We’re all rooting for a local to scoop up the place, but it’ll be exciting for whomever the winner may be. Expect to be in the local paper for weeks to come and for you to become an instant island celebrity. Might seem a bit extreme, but word travels fast here and we tend to remember faces. Also, expect all friends and family to immediately want to spend more time with you in your new home.

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#WednesdayWonderings: Rentals with Ferry Tickets

Steamship Authority

With the booking season in full swing, many people are looking to find the perfect rental. What happens when you find the perfect rental but it’s at the worst time?! You find out the Steamship Authority is booked solid during the dates you’d like to rent, and you’re stuck! Well you’re in luck! On the Sandpiper Rentals site, you can search by “Ferry Tickets.”

Sandpiper Rentals Sandpiper Rentals

We have 30 listings that include Transferable ferry tickets to the tenants that rent with them. The dates and times of the tickets vary by owner, so please contact us for more information.

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