#WednesdayWondering: HGTV Dream Home Countdown


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HGTV DREAM HOMEBy now, the buzz has been generating all over the island about the HGTV Dream Home Contest. We’re all rooting for a local to scoop up the place, but it’ll be exciting for whomever the winner may be. Expect to be in the local paper for weeks to come and for you to become an instant island celebrity. Might seem a bit extreme, but word travels fast here and we tend to remember faces. Also, expect all friends and family to immediately want to spend more time with you in your new home.


So going back to this amazing giveaway. For many of us, the Vineyard holds a classic charm that will retain it’s lure for generations to come. It’s wonderful that HGTV captured that spirit and feel with one of the local architectures, Patrick Ahearn.  The house is appropriated with modern amenities but the aesthetic is purely Martha’s Vineyard, in keeping with the classic coastline community and its centuries-old homes.

HGTV Dream HomeThe airing showcased some of our local spots like Orange Peel where we have a pizza night where people bring toppings and receive amazing dough, ready to be fired up in their outdoor oven. During the show, children (my nephews!) can be seen enjoying S’Mores around the fire and adults indulging in local brew Bad Martha.

The interior holds hues that resemble our coastal style.  From the clean white clapboard walls and dark blue accents in the great room, and the beach glass tones of the master bathroom to the orange and navy hues of the guest bedroom, this New England home is packed with nods to the past, yet updated with a modern day spin.


Now the kitchen is one of my favorite places in the home. Not only does it have a view of the great room, so you don’t have to cook in solitude, but there’s natural light streaming in from above (a beautiful skylight illuminates the island), and beyond (a french door invites you out to the massive patio where you can serve your guests or just take a break from slaving in the kitchen).HGTV Dream Home

This is definitely a kitchen with both beauty and brains. Ever heard of a “kitchen work triangle”? Me either until now. Exalted by designers as the way to set up a kitchen, I must admit I didn’t fully get what it was all about. This kitchen’s work triangle is geometric perfection. You can pretty much stand in one spot, and with nary a shuffle in any direction, access the stove, the fridge and the sink. If you forget to grab the butter, or need to drop some dirty dishes, you won’t be running all over the place, tiring yourself out, taking your eye off the stove, and logging miles while you make dinner.


Good luck to all of you! Voting ends February 17th at 5PM EST

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