Vacation Style: Island of Opportunity

Island of Opportunity

Some year-round residents my age call this place “the land of no-opportunity.” It’s a joke of course – with a kernel of truth. It is truly a challenge to find a niche for yourself on Martha’s Vineyard that brings you satisfaction. I have friends with many hats who flourish, and some who leave, for cities usually. I’ve spent time on both sides and while I appreciate the broad access the mainland offers, I find taking total ownership for my own happiness and success in the island community very empowering.

I appreciate why our visitors keep coming back year after year – they see the island full of opportunities to connect and engage with their families and loved ones, to rest, to relax, to discover, to find peace. In March sometimes its tough for us to see it this way too.

What to do?!

When planning the when and where of your vacation – the “what” can get lost in the details. It’s important to know what it is exactly that you want access to on your vacation.


When you interchange “vacation” and “getaway” with the same ease as turning off your blackberry and listening to a game on the radio then your style is escapism. Disconnect from the mainland and technology to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking ancient trails, finding new routes to your favorite beach by kayak, or tap into the energy that many famous writers have over the years and read a book, or compose a verse. On this island location has been known to upstage amenities. To preserve the peace and quiet of your vacation style, choose a home that’s off the beaten path, and allows you to create one of your own.

For some, your home is your temple, no matter where you are! You can enjoy the nightlife, dining and shopping, that our “down island” towns offer, with all the amenities required for holding down the fort, and keeping your guests entertained.  The home-away-from-home style is for those who want to share their vacation glory with those they love. A rental with lots of living space, state of the art kitchen – multiple dining areas and the perfect backyard and deck area are key for keeping everyone comfortable. A fully connected suit of digital cable, high definition TVs and wireless internet will keep them occupied.

Whether you want to get away or set up fort, opportunities abound here on Martha’s Vineyard!

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