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Dogs on Martha’s Vineyard


On Martha’s Vineyard, dogs are everywhere! On the beach, at the Farmer’s Market, strolling through town, at outdoor cafe’s – and certainly on Black Dog T-shirts!

Of course, many dogs live on the island year round…but what about vacationing dogs? I mean, will the Obama’s bring Bo? If they do bring theirs, or if you want to bring yours, here are some things you should know!

  1. Most beaches allow dogs before 9 or 10am and after 5 or 6pm. If you do bring your pooch to the beach during these hours, please make sure he’s on a leash or absolutlely heeds your voice commands – even when there’s a pile of burgers waiting to hop on the grill!
  2. Clean up after your dog. Some beaches and parks have bag dispensers, but please don’t rely on this – always pack your own!
  3. One of the most oft-frequented dog spots is the ferry! Please note that there is a 100% leash rule on the ferry at all times.
  4. In Vineyard Haven, just ’round the corner from SBS (the feed and grain store), you’ll see a street and a small sign that says ‘Dog Park’. Follow the windy road and sure enough you’ll come to a circuit of trails that make up the Vineyard Dog Park.
  5. As for vacation rentals, the ‘can we bring pets’ question has always been a bit complicated. We have some owners who say, ‘no way’, some that say, ‘sure’ and some that say, ‘depends on the dogs and the owners.’ In fact, some of our landlords require references for the dog and a separate pet deposit in case the dog does any damage.

If you really, really, really want to share the beach, sun and waves with your pup – finding the right vacation rental is the way to go! Contact me and we’ll see what we can do!

And remember – keep your pooch, yourself and our island safe! By following the ‘doggy rules of the road’ we keep Martha’s Vineyard a dog happy zone!