Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Ferry Reservations 2013

 Steamship Authority


“I’m bound for the island
The tide is with me
I think I can make it by dawn

It’s night on the ocean
I’m going home
And it feels like I’ve never
I’ve never been gone”

-Carly Simon ‘Never Been Gone’

When I was a little girl this was always the time of year my family would be making travel plans to get back to the island. The Steamship Authority starts taking reservations over the phone and now online, houses are becoming available for the upcoming season, and we wanted to make sure that we were getting back to our beloved island home. We always tried to be early to our reservation, because the last thing we wanted was to miss our reservation and pray to the island gods that they could squeeze us on the next ferry. Booking early was always our saving grace. Now, as a wash-a-shore living on the island, the best advice I can give to anyone coming to the island is this: book early.

The Steamship Authority (SSA) reservations:



Ferry reservations for vacation rental turnover weekends typically sell out very quickly. Trust us, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in the standby line for three hours waiting and hoping to make the next available boat, when you could already be on the island relaxing on the beach or getting lunch at Sharky’s – who, by the way, also take reservations for lunch and dinner.


Property #100 in-town Edgartown rental
Property # 578 Katama Rental










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