An Island Make-Over

So…in case you haven’t noticed, things are looking quite snazzy around this place. Sometimes, towards the end of winter, us islanders go looking for a little pick-me-up, and this year, I found mine in the guise of a blog redesign by the phenomenal Shauna Callaghan.

Not only does this format give us all access to many posts at once – and all of the great Vineyard images that I can pack in…but it also allows me to showcase featured rentals.

Now, if you’ll just walk over to the bottom right side of the blog (said in my best Realtor voice), you’ll see a lovely vertical box with the words, ‘Featured Rentals’ written at the top and some gorgeous images of Vineyard Houses below. Click, peruse, enjoy…feel free to contact me and set up your vacation rental.

FYI, when you click on a featured property, it will take you into the Sandpiper Rentals site (as I am the Rental Manager for Sandpiper). So, if you see something you’re interested in, please either email me, leave me a comment on the blog or call the office (508.627.6070) and ask for Anne!

I’ll be updating this box often – so check back regularly to catch the house of your summer vacation and Martha’s Vineyard dreams….

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