Oak Bluffs Rental: Not your everyday island cottage!


I have a bounty of beautiful, classic Martha’s Vineyard houses available for summer vacation rentals…and I also have some rare gems. This house right on the Lagoon in Oak Bluffs is not a dime-a-dozen! Here are the  highlights:


Original. For starters, there’s a triceratops skull in the foyer! The owner of the house found it on an archaelogical dig. There’s also a very cool swing in the living room. And the design elements throughout make this house one of a kind.


Water, water everywhere. This contemporary house sits right on the Lagoon in Oak Bluffs, giving you 500 feet of private beach. It also has a gorgeous pool in the back yard and a hot tub. Of course, being in Oak Bluffs, you’re never far from the ocean – it’s just a short drive away.


Sunlight. Someone once told me they just wanted to rent land and not a house because they didn’t want to miss a second of Vineyard sunshine. Well, this is the house for you sun worshipers. There are almost as many windows as there are walls! The whole house is light, bright and vibrant.


Contact me for full information on this incredible rental!

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