Morning Glory Farm, Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard


The Farm Stand is open! Locally grown, friendly people, good food, family business, picturesque setting. How much more Vineyard can you get than Morning Glory Farm???

Morning Glory is a working family farm in Edgartown with a ‘farm stand’ – which is really an incredible farm store full of just picked produce (and some shipped in), homemade baked goods, a superb salad bar and steaming soup from their kitchen.

You can grab some food and sit outside on picnic tables looking out at the beautiful fields, letting the kids run around and play in the trees, talking to other picnicers…it’s true Vineyard style!

Morning Glory has a new, gorgeous book as well – so you can take a piece of the Vineyard home with you, recipes, images and all. The photos were taken by world-renowned photog, Alison Shaw and the book is:

…an evocative look at how a once-worthless piece of scrub land became Morning Glory Farm. This book captures in pictures and words the work, the family, and the food of this best known Martha’s Vineyard farm.

The farm is right on the bike trail…perfect for an Edgartown vacation rental…or even West Tisbury – the whole family can ride down through the State Forest and stop for lunch on the way to South Beach. Call me and we’ll find you the perfect Martha’s Vineyard summer rental!

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