For the kids: On the FARM on Martha’s Vineyard


When most people think of the Vineyard, they think sand, surf and sun. But the agricultural community on the island is truly thriving – from all of the working farms to the farmer’s markets to the community mantra, ‘go local!’

The FARM Institute takes it one step further, combining farming, education, conservation and kids. Their mission is:

The FARM Institute (TFI) is a teaching farm that educates and engages children and adults in sustainable agriculture through the diverse operations of a working farm. TFI provides year-round educational programs offering learning experiences in:

  • The culture and history of Martha’s Vineyard farming;
  • Farming (Field crops, produce, fruit, hay);
  • Land preservation;
  • Nutritional awareness;
  • Humane livestock management (cattle, poultry, swine, sheep, goats);
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and application

And if you’re coming to visit for the summer or even for a week or two, make sure to check out the FARM’s summer kid programs (download the 2009 brochure here):

  • WEE FARMERS for ages 2-4 – Info
  • SPROUTS for ages 4-5 – Info
  • FARMER FOR A DAY for ages 6-12
  • FULL DAY FARM-CAMP for ages 5-14 (FAQ)
  • HALF DAY FARM-CAMP for ages 6-14 (FAQ)
  • Work Income Sharing Project (WISP) for ages 11-15 (FAQ)
  • FUTURE FARMHANDS for ages 11-15
  • VINEYARD HERITAGE WEEK for ages 12-16

The FARM Institute is located in Edgartown’s Katama area where we have some great rental houses…it’s a beautiful area that features South Beach and a great bike path. Let me know if I can help you find the perfect rental.

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  1. From someone who lives on a real farm, I love these farm kids that give city kids a taste of farm life so they know where their food comes from.

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