Living Local & Cooking for Vitality


Planned just in time for spring to really blossom on the island, Jan Buhrman, Localvore Educator and Chef extraordinaire and John Bagnulo MPH, PHD, are offering an amazing Living Local experience called Cooking for Vitality. It’s a great opportunity to visit the island and enjoy as the crops and flowers are bursting through. The Vineyard has long been known for its vibrant health – the people, the food, the sun, the air, the water!

Their weekend workshop, COOKING for VITALITY, runs May 15, 16 and 17th, 2009. Here are the details:

  • How to cook well & simply and what to eat!
  • $175  •  All 3 days  •  5 lectures  •  4 cooking demos
  • 1 or 2 day options available at $75 per day

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Learn what foods promote health and well-being.
You will learn how to prepare healthy, whole food meals, what superfoods are and their
importance in your diet, what food labels mean, easy cooking techniques on “how” cooking
foods is important, and shopping for better health and the planet. Learn what foods we should eat that are grown organically and which are okay to eat that are grown commercially.

You’ll also discover:

  • Plant foods for optimal health
  • Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains
  • How to incorporate foods and how best to prepare, etc.
  • Animal foods that best complement the picture of our diet
  • Nutritional, agricultural, ecological considerations with specific menus and who needs them the most
  • How best to incorporate and prepare meals in your daily life
  • Case studies from our past experiences
  • Pantry Lists, Recipes and Meal Planners to take home

Contact me if you’re thinking about coming and I’ll help you find the perfect rental house – how perfect to have your own kitchen on the Vineyard to try out everything you learn!!!

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