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Have you ever heard of Plum TV? Plum is located in incredible spots around the U.S. and helps those of you who don’t live somewhere like Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen, Miami Beach or Telluride get a dynamic bite of what’s happening around town. I talked to Tina Miller, the General Manager of Plum’s Martha’s Vineyard branch about all things Plum and Vineyard. Here’s the scoop…

Anne: What is PlumTV?
Tina: Plum is Hyper local TV in some of America’s most treasured locations.

Anne: What types of thing do you feature?
Tina: Plum’s local morning show features the Island’s diverse year-round and summer residents. Plum has great local programs as well as the shared content from our 7 other stations (Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Nantucket, Miami Beach, Sun Valley and The Hamptons).

Anne: Do you create videos all year long? or just seasonally?

Tina: We create content all year long, Plum is a year-round business.

Anne: Why is the Vineyard such a perfect setting for Plum TV?

Tina: The Vineyard is perfect for Plum because of the people, the beauty, the arts and the optimism.

Anne: Who have been some of your most famous guests?
Tina: There have been so many! Tony Shaloub, Dan Aykroyd, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Carly Simon, Arlen Roth, Bill Murray, Keith Lockhart, The Neville Brothers, Geraldine Brooks, Jim Belushi, Cam Neeley, Norman Bridwell, Charlane Hunter Gault. I could go on and on!

Anne: Care to share one of your most interesting guests or stories?

Tina: I’m going to have to go with Dan Aykroyd speaking about UFO’s check out (clip at bottom of the post!)

Anne: And, your favorite thing about the Vineyard?

Tina: The community. We simply wouldn’t be what Plum TV without this outstanding community of people – the people we highlight on the show and the viewers. It’s the people that make the Vineyard so special.

2 thoughts on “Plum TV Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Oddly enough I’ve heard of Plum TV but never have seen it. I’m not even sure how to see it – is it on a cable or satellite channel? Either way you make a great interviewer!

  2. Thanks Janine. Plum is viewed via cable in the local areas. We are able to see town meetings, local happenings and even keep up on what is happening in the tennis world on the island. Much of the content can also be found on their website. I believe they are working on enhancing that site.


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