Secret Vineyard Beaches Part 1

Recently I’ve been telling you all about the well known public beaches on Martha’s Vineyard. Now I get to let you in on some of the best kept secrets on Martha’s Vineyard; the hidden, have to ‘hike’ to beaches.

 Great Rock Bight

My favorite hidden beach on Martha’s Vineyard is called Great Rock Bight, located in Chilmark. The land is owned by the MV Landbank Commission so the land will never be built on, and kept is kept pristine for visitors. The best part of Great Rock Bight? The large boulder located just off shore that is perfect for climbing on to and jumping off of. If you find Jaws bridge too crowded this is the perfect alternative. To get there, travel on North Road up to Chilmark and turn right on to the old Brickyard Road. You’re going to travel a ways through the woods to a wooded parking lot. Once you park, follow the path all the way down to the beach. Warning: Strollers aren’t advisable for this path, and there are very steep wooden stairs you’ll have to use to come and go from the beach.


Another beach I like to frequent is called Sepiessa Point Reservation (pronounced Sep-e-es-a). After a 2.5 mile walk on the well maintained trails, sitting on the beach with rarely anyone around you is bliss. The beach is located on Tisbury Great Pond, with views of the ocean in the distance. To get here, take Edgartown – West Tisbury Road and turn onto New Lane; there will be a sign for Pond View Farm at the beginning. Once on New Lane keep an eye out for Clam Point Cove. It’s a small little wooden sign on your right hand side. Turn on to Clam Point Cove and you’ll see the small parking lot for Sepiessa. Be advised though that this beach area is seeded for oysters, so there may be sharp little shells in the sand.


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