Only 15 Days Till The First Day Of Spring!

spring cleaning

With the promise of spring on everyone’s mind, today seems like a good day to discuss spring cleaning and preparations with homeowners. Whether you are opening your home for your own use or renting it out for the season, here are some helpful tips to get everything in order by Memorial Day – just in time to kick-off the summer season.

  • Before you arrive, plan ahead to schedule any necessary maintenance and services you may need for the season (lawn care, trash removal, house cleaning and so forth). Remember, spring is a very busy time on island, so the earlier you schedule, the better.
  • If this is your first time back since last summer, take a moment to look around and assess any possibly property damage.
  • Spring Cleaning: the ever daunting task. We suggest either dedicating an entire day, or plan on a few rooms each day.  Always start the D’s: de-cobweb, dust and disinfect. Tired of the white-glove test? Swap out your regular light bulb with a black one and you will see every speck of dirt left behind.
    • ENTRYWAY Start by dusting surfaces, including lights, tables and lower walls. Shake out area rugs, clean light switches, railings and doorknobs. Take a moment to clean your light switches, railings, or doorknobs. Lint rollers work wonders on lampshades!
    • KITCHEN: Sanitize the most ‘handled’ areas: faucets, appliance handles and even salt and pepper shakers. Scour your appliances, put the oven on self-clean, wipe down the refrigerator and microwave, and maybe invest in a new trash can.
    • LIVING AND DINING ROOMS Don’t forget to disinfect any remote controls, dust electronics and blinds, lift up the drapes and vacuum behind furniture.
    • BEDROOMS Refresh the bed linens (wash if you haven’t already), vacuum dust ruffles; dust and flip the mattress if you can. Combat any lingering scents with an odor neutralizer or a dish of vinegar works wonders.
    • BATHROOMS Wash all linens and replace shower curtain liners. Use a toothbrush helps to scour mold from tile grout.
    • WINDOWS We suggest either hiring a company to professionally clean your windows and screens, or work as a pair (one person inside, the other outside) with glass cleaner and microfiber cloths. Make sure you check your screens for holes or tears created during storms or from the elements and replace what needs to be fixed.
  • If you supply linens, towels and beach gear to tenants, it is helpful to check everything to see if you need to replace anything for the coming season.
  • Last, but certainly not least, if you rent your home, be sure to let your realtor know of any updates you have made as this allows them to better showcase your home and to alert any tenants of any changes. 

If you would like a property enrichment evaluation for the upcoming season, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.

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