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Economic Trends for Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals


While information about this recession is blaring all over the news, I wanted to give you an honest look at how our current economic situation is affecting vacation rentals on Martha’s Vineyard.

The fall of ’08 lost booking momentum with the turn of the stock market. It coincided with the usual post-season slowdown, but, of course, because of the official ‘we are in a recession’ news, that slowdown was, well, slower than usual.

We typically have a strong January/February with bookings.  And, true to form, this year we are seeing a lot of activity, but tenants are being cautious and looking for affordable vacation homes where in the past the affordability piece was not nearly as prominent.

Owners are doing their part by offering some price adjustments on their rental fees and, it’s important to note that the higher end of the Vineyard rental market is not as active as it has been.

I anticipate a lot of last minute bookings this season.  This has been becoming a trend, and isn’t necessarily recession-induced, but I think there will be more inventory than previous years.

  • For owners, this outlook calls for them to be more negotiable and competitive with what they can offer their tenants to have a great vacation.
  • For renters, it’s a great time to explore new options on the island and even hop on some of these great deals.
  • For vacationers in general, it’s the perfect time to try a house rental – leaving the costs associated with luxury hotels behind!

A Shepherd’s Tale: Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm


Martha’s Vineyard is one of those places where dreams come true. I know that sounds cheesey – but it’s true. This place is magical, and it invites innovation, especially of the green kind.

Susan Gibbs is a perfect example. Once upon a time, Susan was a producer for CBS – now, she’s a shepherd. But, she’s not just a shepherd. She started the world’s first natural fiber (wool from sheep and angora goats) CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture which essentially means that shareholders buy the wool or products of the upcoming farming season. Think of it like not pre-selling your inventory before you place any orders.

The best part is that the shareholders of the Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm are so invested in the farm, the business, the animals – they’ve really become a community. They read Susan’s blog religiously, comment like mad, travel long distances for shearings and events, help her raise money for charity – and support her to no end when a lamb is sick or anything else bad happens.

For her part, Susan blogs every day, works her buns off and is hilarious. We’re thrilled that she and the Fiber Farm call the Vineyard home!!! You can find her here with her flock, at Fiberfest and at the Farmer’s Market in West Tisbury all summer long…

The Fiber Farm has been wildly successful. They’ve been written up in the Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair – and I’m sure Martha Stewart is not far behind!

(Oh, and she has a second flock up in New York’s Hudson Valley too!)

Top 8 Reasons NOT to Visit Martha’s Vineyard


It’s true, there are reasons that people avoid this incredible island. You ready?

8. Bumping into Jake Gyllenhal and David Letterman while you’re buying fresh peas at the Farmer’s Market in West Tisbury gets really old after awhile.

7. The ocean isn’t always blue, sometimes it’s this majestic shade of green.

6. You have to cross the ocean to get here, forcing you to really let go of life on the mainland.

5. The peace and quiet are deafening.

4. Vineyard locals and our commitment to living local, small family farms, protecting our environment and maintaining a close-knit community of nice people has a tendency to be contagious to visitors.

3. There’s more to do than just go to the beach. The Ag Fair, boutique shopping, summer camps and festivals have a habit of distracting people from their sunbathing.

2. Most of the island restaurants feature fresh caught fish and shellfish, not to mention island-grown veggies, so it’s nearly impossible to be unhealthy here.

And the number 1 reason NOT to visit Martha’s Vineyard…

1. You’ll never want to leave.