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The Caterers of Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a prized destination for special events – weddings, anniversaries, reunions and more. And, of course, no celebration is complete without lots and lots of food.

The Vineyard has many incredible caterers. They know the island, the venues, the local fare. Here’s a quick list of some favorites and what makes them special. But, food is a personal thing so I highly recommend that you meet these caterers and taste test!!! Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…

Jan Buhrman, of The Kitchen Porch, highlights her New England country style. Seen in her menus and presentations, she goes for the fresh, local and abundant feel of a big old country meal. She’s also available for private cheffing.

Jamie Hamlin is known for both her catering to the stars and her aesthetics in the food and its presentation which is elegant from start to finish.

Dee Smith of Tea Lane Caterers is proud of the diversity and quality of the food she creates. Everything is made from scratch and is created to match your event perfectly. Dee also does private cheffing under the guise of the Phantom Chef.

Perry Ambulos of Truly Scrumptious Catering and Cafe is always a highlight at fundraisers around the island and known for his incredible hors d’oeuvres.

Annie Foley has been cheffing and catering for over 15 years, creating the perfect atmosphere for your event – from the traditional New England meal to the something more on the wild side.

Weddings on Martha’s Vineyard: Expertly Planned by Patrie Grace

Patrie Grace is one of those Martha’s Vineyard treasures who marches to the beat of her own drum, is truly gifted in her work and is a character so full of surprises that no author could come up with her heart, hilarity and no-nonsense style of action. For the last 25 years, Patrie has coordinated and planned weddings and other events such as fundraisers, dinner parties, anniversaries and milestone celebrations. I wanted to hear all about wedding on the Vineyard and here’s what she shared:

Anne Mayhew: Why do people want to get married on the Vineyard?
Patrie Grace: After 25 years of being in the wedding and event business here, I still wholeheartedly feel that Martha’s Vineyard is one of the top ten places in the world to have a wedding.

  • Destination wedding. Your guests are truly leaving their life and their world on the main land and traveling to an island. It creates an intimacy within the party because everyone seems to be so present – much more than if they left home for a few hours to attend your wedding and then went back to their lives. Whether you have 6 people or 350, the island brings people tightly together
  • The island is beautiful. It serves and supports romance and taking your breath away visually. The fragrance of the island, the local produce, the local goods that one can access here; the community feel, the real user-friendliness of the island – they all contribute to this holistic beauty.
  • Weddings are an industry here that have been consistently supported by the economy and by the islanders with priceless pieces of land, vacation house rentals, lighthouses, farms (available so that ceremonies can overlook 360 degrees of ocean or wonderfully manicured gardens). Again and again, clients send letters that family and friends continue to remark on the memorable quality of their event on the island.
  • No rules. When you have an island wedding, in my opinion, you can do it anyway you want. Once you get on that ferry boat and cross the water, you can throw the traditional rules overboard or go strictly by the book. You can really create your wedding in whatever your vision is. It’s that crossing over the water that gives you the freedom. We can make it happen here.
  • Finally and personally, my love of the island, sharing it with people and experiencing it as a place that creates lasting unions, memories…my love is sincere, and I represent it wholeheartedly in my work.

I really listen to people – what is your dream wedding or event? I put the pieces together and wave the red flag when ideas will create stress…I’m all about the pleasure of creating something good and not about buying into the idea that it has to be stressful!

Anne: What do you have to know about getting married on the Vineyard that you wouldn’t have to know about elsewhere?
Patrie: The ‘destination’ part, for sure. Because of the travel involved, people need information, rental houses, inns, the ferry – they all book up to 6, 9, 12 months ahead of time. Then you have to ask other questions, because of the travel details, do you invite everyone to the rehearsal dinner or after brunch?
Also, it is expensive here (I don’t believe in sugar-coating this fact!) and everything has to physically get on this island. But there are many ways to keep it simple…one of my specialties!

Anne: Talk to us about timing – because time moves at a different pace on the island! If I were getting married in September of 2009, what would I do and when would I need to do it?
Patrie: May – October is THE wedding season. I say this because it doesn’t matter if you are getting married at the beginning or the end of this season, you have to book ahead of the season because providers are booking for the season one year ahead, one season ahead. This applies to anything that only one wedding per day can have, such as the wedding site, the band, the photographer, the caterer, etc. I have clients who start two years ahead of their wedding date to get everything they want.
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