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Vacation Style: How Social are you?

Your Social Energy

Consider the social network. It documents our lives, blasts us with updates and lets us know who our friends are; why not bring your social life into the vacation discussion. Your real social life, the one the dictionary calls the “interaction between the individual and the group”. In Thursday’s Vinyasa Yoga @MansionHouseMV the instructor offered us some guidance. She asked us to consider how we would like to expend our energy in class, to energize and build strength, or to relax and repair our bodies. It is always a personal decision as to how you would like to expend your energy and once you know – you can really maximize and enhance your experience, this goes for vacation planning as well!

The Obamas come in August – are you up for it?

Some visitor’s have a whole separate social network out here that they tap into once a year, others prefer the anonymity that the island provides to “check out” and unwind. Simply put, most people either like to be in the thick of “it” or nowhere near “it”. You probably already know which you prefer but if there’s any doubt, consider defining “it” as the Martha’s Vineyard MegaWeek and go from there.

The week of August 11th-18th is desirable for good reason, it’s a super-fun quintessentially “summer” experience. Featuring Illumination Night, Fireworks and 4 days of the Almighty Ag Fair – your Facebook feed will have to keep up with your “check-ins” and new friend requests you make along the way.

If this sounds like your waking nightmare maybe you’d prefer to duck the crowds during our “shoulder season.” To experience the Island as an Islander, prepare for peace and quiet, if you can handle the slower pace and cooler weather you will be rewarded with generous weekly rental rates too.

How to make it Happen

So, you decide you want to come for all the fun August has to offer but the ferries are booked! What do you do? Don’t panic – this is a good reason to use an agent to make your vacation plans. We know which houses might offer transferable ferry reservations for guests to purchase. You can check the specials listed on www.sandpiperrental.com for new listings with ferry tickets available for desirable August weeks.

Martha’s Vineyard is a wonderful little place that can satisfy a myriad of vacation possibilities. Have a conversation with your rental agent about the pace you desire for your vacation to determine the when and where of your vacation.

Finding Bliss: Yoga on Martha’s Vineyard


Long heralded as a health haven, the Vineyard has fresh air, locally grown food and TONS of yoga. With all we have to offer, you could rent a house and take yoga classes all day creating your very own island yoga retreat!

Here’s a sampling of yoga classes, teachers and styles around Martha’s Vineyard. Note: please check the local newspapers for class schedules!

Yoga Barn. Scarlet Jarrell was so in love and inspired by a barn she saw in Vermont that she had it taken apart and put back together in Chilmark (see the image above!). Scarlet Yoga offers a wide range of teachers and style throughout the week including Kripalu, Anusara, Vinyasa and Trance Dance. (908) 310-9133

Vineyard Complimentary Medicine (VCM) in West Tisbury offers a wide variety of classes and teachers including gentle, moderate and advanced.

Martha Abbott, Kripalu Yoga. Martha is a longtime Kripalu teacher and Kripalu is known for being a very heart-ful practice – embracing the needs of each individual student and paying special attention to the breath and compassion for the practice. Martha was a director of the Kripalu yoga teacher training and specializes in the art of movement. (508) 693-5364

Broga. Just like it sounds, this yoga class is for guys (and girls) who like a lot of arm work and strengthening. Every Saturday afternoon at the Island Cohousing Common House in West Tisbury. (774) 238-0176

Bikram & Hot Yoga. Get ready to sweat as you go through the classic Bikram flow at Vineyard Yoga in West Tisbury. (508) 696-7755

Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga for Men. Some of the Vineyard’s best including Sheri Sidoti (Fly Yoga) offer these phenomenal classes at Rise Studio in Vineyard Haven. (774) 238-0176

The Yard. Famous for their dance performances, The Yard also offers yoga classes during the summer. Soak up serenity in this world renowned studio in Chilmark. (508) 645-9662

Many of the teachers on the island (Sherry Sidoti, MJ Bindu Delekta, Martha Abbott, Megan Grennan and more) offer private classes as well!

Don’t forget to check the local papers for correct times once you arrive on the island and NAMASTE!