You Know It’s Spring on Martha’s Vineyard When…


1. My kids catch their first wild brook trout and make me swear on my life that I will not publish the secret location!

2. You hear the first Pinkletinks (peepers) – I’m quite sure that I was the first islander to hear them on Saturday evening.

3. Local school kids are wearing shorts even though the thermometer has just broken the 50 degree mark.

4. The grass is so green, you have to touch it (and sometimes roll around in it) to make sure it’s real.

5. The Osprey’s are flying, diving, hunting and playing across the Vineyard sky.

6. The Quahogs are being dug, shucked and simmered for the first chowdah of the season.

7. Main Street’s stores are getting gussied up, the windows filled with cool goods.

8. Ah, the huckleberries! I found a bush bursting with teeny ones this morning!

9. The ferry schedule starts to add some extra trips.

10. Our fiery pink, orange and purple sunsets can be enjoyed on a leisurely stroll after dinner.

11. You can feel it in your bones that summer is right around the corner!!!

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