Night Paddleboarding, A Must Do on Everyone’s List

Night Boarding 3


Yesterday, my co-worker and I got to try something new, something neither of us had ever done before. Paddleboarding! Both of us had always wanted to try it but never got the chance. Then the wonderful people at Island Spirit Kayak offered us an amazing opportunity; to go with them on a moonlight tour with special boards equipped with high intensity LED lights attached to the bottom that light up the water around you. Our first time paddleboarding, and we were going at night.

We met the group at the Oak Bluffs public boat launch around 8 PM for instruction and stretching. Suddenly it was time to get on the boards and get our feet wet, both literally and figuratively. They started us off on the boards on our knees to help find our initial balance and get the hang of it. Then, after a couple of strokes an instructor came up to us and had us standing up in no time. I was surprised by how “easy” it was. It was tricky finding my initial balance, and getting used to the mild wobble of the board on the water, but suddenly I was steering and zooming around the water. The instructors took us for a tour of the Oak Bluffs harbor stopping periodically for photos. Chick, the owner, makes it special for every tour by popping a bottle of champagne half way through, which she then pours into light-up cups for those over 21.

It was truly an incredible experience to be out on the water paddling around at night, floating along the surface like ufos. I had such an amazing time, and can not wait to go back again with more friends. I want to get my own board now and go as often as possible.

To find out more about these amazing tours please contact Island Spirit Kayak at or call 508-693-9727

 Night Boarding 2


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