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Tivoli Day in Oak Bluffs

oak bluffs, circuit ave

Okay, so it’s not quite warm enough to hit the beach, but the fun on Martha’s Vineyard really doesn’t stop when the cool breezes start to blow. This Saturday, September 19, is Oak Bluff’s annual Tivoli Day Festival. Marking the end of the summer, this party is one big neighborhood celebration meets huge street fair.

Live music, awesome food from local restaurants and arts and crafts for the island’s artisans fill the streets. Not to be missed, many of the Circuit Avenue merchants will be offering bargains left over from their summer stock. Tivoli Day is a always a family event and super kid friendly, with the children’s parade taking the top spot as one of the best parts of the day! The island’s youngest decorate bikes, wagons and, sometimes even their pets – before taking to the streets to show off their finery.

Oak Bluffs is known for the picturesque and charming Cottage City, a wonderful neighborhood of gingerbread cottages just beyond Circuit Ave. where Tivoli Day takes place. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth visit to OB, make sure you take time to take a stroll through to see the colors as they hold the warmth of summer just a little longer than the rest of the island!

Admission is free and the festivities run from 12-5 pm. FYI, the rain date is September 20. For more information contact Dennis daRosa at 508-693-0110 or dendarosa@yahoo.com.

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Island of lights: Illumination on Martha’s Vineyard


It’s only fitting that the Grand Illumination in Cottage City, Oak Bluffs lands just days before President Obama and his family arrive for their Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Over a century ago, this wonderful tradition was created to welcome the Governor of Massachusetts to the island.


This Wednesday night, August 19, 2009, as the sun sets in Oak Bluffs, the gingerbread cottages at the old campmeeting grounds, hundreds of colorful Chinese and Japanese lanterns are lit – effectively ‘illuminating’ the houses, the ground, the ocean-salty air. Visitors and islanders, newcomers and old friends walk around the campgrounds and sit on porches chatting, enjoying and taking in the sights.


Music can be heard from the center of Cottage City as a Community Sing and a band concert happen in the Tabernacle -the ‘physical and spiritual center of the Campground.’ Built in 1879, the Tabernacle and the community hold weekly church services and many musical events all summer. It’s a beautiful place to listen to music – especially with the glow of lanterns surrounding and adding to the music!

For more information about the Martha’s Vineyard Campmeeting Association and the Grand Illumination, visit their website.

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