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Vineyard Beaches ~ State Beach

Island Map - State Beach

One of the things I love about State Beach is that any given moment you could see people tubing, kite surfing, jumping off second “Jaws” bridge, kayaking, wading in the calm shallow water, boats rafting up together,  a friendly game of paddle ball, and much more. State Beach is known for its calm, shallow waters that makes it ideal for water sports and families with small children. On the other side of the three mile long beach is Sengekontacket Pond (pronounced Singe-a-con-tack-it Pond) where you can swim, kayak, kite surf, and even go clamming if you purchase a permit by going to the town hall of either Oak Bluffs or Edgartown depending on what side of the pond you are (Insider factoid: “Jaws Bridge” is the dividing line between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown).

Insider Tips:

  • Get here early in the day because parking is hard to find, especially near the coveted Jaws bridge. Parking spots fill up around 10:30 am, so plan on getting there before that.
  • Can’t make it early? Try coming after three pm; people tend to  leave the beach between three and four to get ready for their evening activities. you still get in a couple of hours of beach time.
  • Check the tide schedule. The island has had a lot of erosion this year due to storms. Time your arrival for the end of high tide. This gives you plenty of time with a lot more space on the beach then if you came at the end of low tide.
  • Don’t be afraid to set up camp on Sengekontacket pond. You’ll have a lot more space, and easy access to the state beach as well.
  • Pack your own food and drinks. There is a food stand, but if you’re not right next to second bridge it’s a bit of a walk to reach it.




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