Vineyard Beaches ~ South Beach

Island Map - south beachLocated on the south side of the island, South beach is one of the more popular and largest beaches on Martha’s Vineyard. With three miles of pristine shoreline you’ll find people of all ages here. There’s families spending the day together, teenagers escaping their parents, twenty somethings on break from college, and adults of all ages hanging out with friends they haven’t seen in ages.

 South Beach on a sunny day

Here’s a local’s tip: if you’re here for a week or more, make sure you come on a week day. This way the beach won’t be as crowded as they are on the weekends.

 South Beach Waves

Recently beach volleyball nets have been erected so if you have a ball you can challenge your family and/or friends to a friendly game. The losing team has to cook dinner though 😉 But as much asI love beating my friends, my favorite South Beach activity has to be body surfing. The waves here are perfect for it.

Norton Point

Here’s another local’s tip: if you go to the “left fork” of south beach and you have a truck or SUV you can actually drive out on to Norton Point if you purchase an over the sand permit for the day.  Perfect if you love shore casting for fish or if you want to get away from the crowds.



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