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Wednesday Wonderings #WW: Conservation on Martha’s Vineyard


Martha’s Vineyard has a history of conservation and put some good regulations in early so that development did not occur on our South Shore beaches. The dunes have been kept intact and you’ll see lots of beach grasses with rosa rugosa in your travels.  That being said, we do not have many rental options on the South Shore that are beach front.  There are many pond front rentals that have access to the barrier beach via boat which can be a fun adventure for your family.  Therefore, it is not unusual to have a short drive to the beach or share an association beach with many of our rentals.

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Vineyard Beaches ~ South Beach

Island Map - south beachLocated on the south side of the island, South beach is one of the more popular and largest beaches on Martha’s Vineyard. With three miles of pristine shoreline you’ll find people of all ages here. There’s families spending the day together, teenagers escaping their parents, twenty somethings on break from college, and adults of all ages hanging out with friends they haven’t seen in ages.

 South Beach on a sunny day

Here’s a local’s tip: if you’re here for a week or more, make sure you come on a week day. This way the beach won’t be as crowded as they are on the weekends.

 South Beach Waves

Recently beach volleyball nets have been erected so if you have a ball you can challenge your family and/or friends to a friendly game. The losing team has to cook dinner though 😉 But as much asI love beating my friends, my favorite South Beach activity has to be body surfing. The waves here are perfect for it.

Norton Point

Here’s another local’s tip: if you go to the “left fork” of south beach and you have a truck or SUV you can actually drive out on to Norton Point if you purchase an over the sand permit for the day.  Perfect if you love shore casting for fish or if you want to get away from the crowds.



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Beaches on Martha’s Vineyard

Norton Point

I don’t know about you, but by this time of year I can not wait for summer. I want to be lying on the beach soaking up the summer sun, and fishing. One of my favorite memories is when my whole family would drive out on Norton Point and spend the day fishing, playing, having lunch, and just being together. I miss that, but I’ll forever cherish the memories.

The beaches on Martha’s Vineyard are incomparable; with each one having their own unique attribute. Each beach may be the perfect representation of the New England seaboard, but there is just something about them that are incomparable with the rest of New England. They are pristine, untouched, meticulously cared for to keep them as protected as possible, yet they are open for everyone to enjoy and create wonderful memories.

There is a beach here for everyone. On the north east side (or the lee side for those nautically inclined) the beaches tend to be naturally protected, allowing for clear, calm, and shallow waters. On the other side of the island, the south west side, you’ll find long stretches of beaches that tend towards strong riptides, larger surf, and even clay cliffs.


There’s no way to describe why they are so different and magical, my only advice is to get out and experience the magic of our beaches. Stay tuned for posts highlighting individual beaches.



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