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Piper Picks: Favorite Place for Coffee (Off-Season)

Post by our Sister Company Sandpiper Realty:

We’re introducing something new here at Sandpiper Realty… We’ve decided to team up with our sister company, Sandpiper Rentals, and offer what we call “Piper Picks.” Basically, we’re going to poll all the agents and staff from both companies to find out people’s island favorites – places to go, things to do, what to see – and then we’re going to share our top picks with you. And who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a great new spot to check out!

For our first installment, we decided to start with something easy:

“Where’s your favorite place to grab a cup of coffee in the off season?”

And the Piper Pick is….

Edgartown Meat & Fish Market!

Edgartown Meat & Fish Market

Located in Post Office Square, Edgartown Meat & Fish Market is a family owned and operated business that’s been successfully serving the island community year-round since opening its doors in 2011. The café serves Starbucks Coffee and Espresso, and has a wide variety of delicious options for the avid coffee drinker. In addition to keeping you blissfully caffeinated, they also offer freshly baked bagels, baked goods and breakfast sandwiches.

Edgartown Meat & Fish

If you haven’t already, we definitely recommend stopping here for your next coffee break!

Close Runner-up: Espresso Love

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#MeetTheAgentMonday: Annie’s DIY Project

What happens on a cold Sunday on Martha’s Vineyard…. (Other then football) DIY projects!

This weekend, I was looking to give a few pieces of furniture a facelift. One of which was a great piece I got at the local Boys and Girls Club Second Hand store in Edgartown. An amazing organization dedicated to children that I love to support.  I found a great low table with drop leave sides. It looked like someone started to paint, but left the legs with streaks of black paint, maybe covering up green paint. SO I wanted to try a metallic!

I love Rustoleum paint. It’s easy to use, had a flawless finish and requires NO prep.

I used the hammered silver metallic. Check it out.

DIY Project

DIY Project


Stay tuned for for the refinishing of the top!


Also check out the boys and girls club site for information and always donations.


Meet the Agent Monday #MAM Thayer Whipple’s Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping during the season on Martha’s Vineyard

Photographs courtesy of Sydney Mullen Photography From Edgartown Board of Trade site


Years ago, the Hardware Store was the only store you would find open on Main Street in the middle of January – this week there were a bevy of options, dressed up with Christmas decorations and filled with gift galore.

We stopped in 20-Main and Backwater for mittens, cozy sweaters and the perfect winter hat – a bit of Patagonia and gifts which I didn’t realize I was looking for – luckily they had two.  The car was soon full, the wallet empty – and we didn’t even have to brave the (gasp) crowded malls…

  • 20-Main (one for you, two for me…)
  • Backwater Trading (the most creative, entertaining gifts alongside the practical elements: Patagonia, Toms, Woolrich, Pendleton)
  • Summer Shades (because my father always breaks a pair of sunglasses in Tortola)
  • In the Pink (summer style all year round)
  • Vineyard Vines (#edsftg)
  • Zambezi (a pop-up shop, gifts that give back)
  • KatyDid (Roberta Roller Rabbit – the softest pajamas)


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