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#MeetTheAgentMonday: Darlene O’Neill Steamship Authority

Steamship Authority

January has always been a time of hibernation, resolutions, snow, icy temps and usually a time of slowing down…not so on Martha’s Vineyard. It is fast and furious especially with the current rental market!!!

The catalyst for this hype is that every year in mid-January our Steamship Authority released online vehicle reservations to the general public. Some may ask…what should I book first; my rental property or reserve my vehicle on the steamship authority? A bit of a catch 22…

Steamship Authority

Great questions! In my opinion; booking the rental property is a priority. Once you know your dates, it is important to lock in your property. Upon booking your vehicle and if you are unable to obtain your ideal day and time with the steamship authority; there is a “wait listing” process that really does work. By putting in a date and time closest to your desired time; the computer filters your request continuously and notifies you of the change. You can continue to do this as often as you like – for a slight fee of course.

It is important to be patient with this system. As you get closer to your day of arrival; time slots open up due to cancellations and owners re-depositing unused tickets that were previously purchased.

That being said, I welcome your rental request to help you explore and enjoy your much needed vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Looking forward to your visit!

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Meet the Agent Monday: #MAM Happy New Years w/ Anne Mayhew

Ringing in the New Year on Martha’s Vineyard


Like most of you, we are now falling back into our routines after a lovely holiday season. It felt good to clear out the decorations and get my living room back to normal, call it quits early last night and have an early start this morning. I love heading into a New Year and organizing my goals and dreams for the months ahead!

I have to admit that I fell into the old cliche and spent three days in a row at the gym and tennis center after the 1st of the year.  It is one of my saving graces for the winter as the temperatures outside don’t have the same appeal they used to!  The indoor tennis center is a great source of exercise with a social bonus for the quiet winter months on the island.

We also have a YMCA on the island and it is great for my kids as it is just across the street from the High School.  We are very fortunate to have it so accessible and with great activities for all ages.


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Meet the Agent Monday #MAM Thayer Whipple’s Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping during the season on Martha’s Vineyard

Photographs courtesy of Sydney Mullen Photography From Edgartown Board of Trade site


Years ago, the Hardware Store was the only store you would find open on Main Street in the middle of January – this week there were a bevy of options, dressed up with Christmas decorations and filled with gift galore.

We stopped in 20-Main and Backwater for mittens, cozy sweaters and the perfect winter hat – a bit of Patagonia and gifts which I didn’t realize I was looking for – luckily they had two.  The car was soon full, the wallet empty – and we didn’t even have to brave the (gasp) crowded malls…

  • 20-Main (one for you, two for me…)
  • Backwater Trading (the most creative, entertaining gifts alongside the practical elements: Patagonia, Toms, Woolrich, Pendleton)
  • Summer Shades (because my father always breaks a pair of sunglasses in Tortola)
  • In the Pink (summer style all year round)
  • Vineyard Vines (#edsftg)
  • Zambezi (a pop-up shop, gifts that give back)
  • KatyDid (Roberta Roller Rabbit – the softest pajamas)


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