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How Does the Steamship Authority Work?

Matha's Vineyard Steamship Authority Ferry

For those of you that have been to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, you know that the process of bringing a vehicle along on your Vineyard vacation can be very trying if you don’t know the process!  Our island population goes from around 15,000 year round residents to 100,000 August visitors.  You really do need to take a ferry to and from the island.  It is a 45 minute ferry ride from the Cape.

Oak Bluffs Beach Front Rental

Once you have booked your Vineyard vacation rental, you will need to work on making arrangements for getting here.  The Steamship Authority does not take reservations for the summer season until sometime in January.  This year they open reservations online and via mail on January 20th.  Mark your calendars!  They will open the phone lines up on January 27, 2009.

Sometimes it feels like you have won the lottery when you get just the right times for your reservations for your August vacation.   The process can seem unbearable much of the time but following are some tips that might help:

  • Go online to the Steamship Authority and sign up for your profile number and pin prior to making your reservation.
  • Go online as soon as you can on January 20, be patient as you may get bumped off the site due to high volume.
  • Book any time you can on the day of travel or as close to the day of travel and request to be wait listed for your preferred times.

You should know that the wait list system does seem to work out for most travelers that are reserving their tickets this far in advance.   The steamship has represented in the past that they do not completely book all of the boats so they will have some flexibility.  Things do shift around but you may not know for sure right up until travel time.  They do also have a day of sail number you can call to try to change your reservation while you are on the road.

I once had a customer call and book a house one Saturday in August, drive down and get right on the boat and arrive at my office to pay for their vacation home and pick up their key, all in the same day.  This is not the norm and I do not recommend you wait to see if this works but, please realize that some of the systems that may seem very flawed can work well in the end!

Feature Friday ~ Affordable Vacation Rental Home Centrally Located on Martha’s Vineyard


 Property #8129

This delightful 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is located off of Vineyard Haven-Edgartown road, making it easily accessible to Oak bluffs, Edgartown, Vineyard Haven, State Beach and South Beach. Inside you’ll find large airy rooms, a fire place to sit around, and a pool table to challenge your friends or family.

Outside take advantage of the large yard, big enough for a game of croquet or bocce ball. Or take advantage of the comfortable rocking chairs on the porch. Grab your favorite book, and rock the afternoon away.

Another perk of this home? You’re just a quick walk to the Alpaca Farm, where there’s plenty to see and do! including pet the soft Alpacas!

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Edgartown Rental Pick of the Week 4-8-2009

A wonderful combination of history and modern living.  This property is known as the Emily Post house in the center Edgartown.  The house has been fully restored while maintaining it’s historic integrity.  There is lots of living space for a large group of people.  The front sitting room is reminiscent of the more formal sitting room while the living room offers more casual comfort.  There are three bedrooms in the main building portion of the house and then a fun secret cat walk that connects to two more bedrooms.  The playroom on the second floor of the main house provides another nook that will be hard to draw the children away from!

Edgartown Rental

Edgartown Rental

The spacious courtyard is the place to be in the summer.  Stunning gardens with Dahlias dating back to the 1920s and beautiful roses decorate the picket fences.  Nothing says Edgartown more that the lovely rose covered fences in summer.

Living Room

Living Room

The interior design and color scheme draw you in and give you the feeling of easy summer living while appreciating the history of the property and the town.

Dining Room

Dining Room
Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Best of all, this house is close to the beach just at the end of the street and close to Main Street with many shops and restaurants!
View more details on this rental home: see listing
or contact me at annemayhew@gmail.com