A Local’s Suggestions For Visiting Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard


Whenever I think of Menemsha, I always, without fail, think of the many times I drove up there with my girlfriends, a bottle of wine, and my mini grill. We would sip our wine, catch up with each other, make dinner on the grill and watch the sky turn into a painting by Monet. I’ve seen couples get engage on this beach, listened to bagpipes being played by a gentleman on his boat while the sun sets over the distant horizon, and have spent countless hours fishing on the jetties in hopes of catching the Derby winning fish.


Barely touched for centuries, this celebrated fishing village is known for its incredible sunsets year round. Located in the town of Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard, this historic harbor is the center of this little village. Here you’ll find kids catching squid from the docks, commercial fishing boats, such as “The Unicorn”and “The Quitsa Strider”, bringing in fresh caught fish to the markets, historic homes, and the beautiful Coastguard Station and Lighthouse.


If you’re coming  just for the sunset, DO NOT LEAVE directly after the sun goes down over the water.  This is actually the best part of the sunset. The sky turns amazing colors, and you’ll find yourself practically alone on the beach. For some reason people tend to rush to leave thinking the show is over. Stay and watch the after burn in the sky, the clouds turning cotton candy pink or mandarin orange. If you bring a mini grill, this is a great to to make smores, and spend some more time with the family.

If you’re visiting and get hungry there are a few choices for you. There’s The Bite, which is a tiny little shack that serves deep fried goodness as well as sandwiches and burgers. If you’re looking for fresh seafood there is no better options than either Menemsha Fish Market or Larsen’s Fish Market right on the harbor. You can find lobster, fish, scallops, and clams all caught fresh and cooked to order. I suggest the lobster bisque from Menemsha Fish Market; in the shoulder season they even throw in giant chunks of Lobster in it! Last, but certainly not least is The Homeport. Known for its fabulous meals, and location overlooking the boats swaying in the harbor breeze, the Homeport is the only ‘sit-down’ restaurant in Menemsha.


If you’re looking for family activities to do besides the sunsets, I suggest looking into chartering a boat, either for a pleasure cruise or for sport fishing. Trust me when I say the fishermen up there are experts. They have been fishing these waters since they were born and know all the secret spots for fish. Another great option is kayaking in Menemsha Pond. The pond is home to a lot of wildlife, as well as some beautiful scenery that can’t be seen from the roads. If you’d like to rent a kayak I suggest Island Spirit Kayak . They deliver to the entire island, making it easy and convenient to access kayaks for you and your family.


To access Menemsha, I suggest taking the VTA Bus. Parking is limited and available for only two hours. If you plan on making a day out of it, the bus may be the best option for you. It runs every hour, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the town beach, the sunset, and the pond.

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